Employer Branding

FBI: Hollywood & Employer Brand

How do you attract talent to an organization that everyone thinks they know thanks to Hollywood? Peter Sursi is Senior Executive, Recruitment, and Hiring; Human Resources Division at the FBI and is responsible for everyone coming into the bureau.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That the FBI hires special agents, but also offer 699 other positions.
  • If the Hollywood portrayal of the FBI is actually true.
  • How long the application background investigation process actually takes.
  • Why Peter needs around 16,000 people to hit the “apply” button.
  • How the FBI is putting the diversity message out there.
  • How they activate its employer brand with 3 marketing campaigns.
  • What the best source of hire is for the FBI.
  • Peter’s top 3 tips to stay on top of your employer brand.

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