Top 10 Excuses Used By Extremely Unproductive People

There are 2 types of people in the workplace. The productive ones, and the unproductive ones. Chances are you are working with these 2 types of workers, hopefully more of the former than the latter.

Oftentimes, unproductive people aren’t putting down the amount of work the productive people do, and they stress they should be as considered as them, without putting any additional effort.

Why are unproductive people unproductive? There is a good handful of excuses, but JobCluster have listed below the 10 most common.


  • Unproductive people blame it on their working conditions: “I am not paid enough”.
  • Their own self is more important than the work they have to put down.
  • They are unwilling to learn new skills.

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10-Excuses-of-unproductive-people-Infographic (1)