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EVP, Sports Fans and Technology

Draftkings, is probably best-known for its fantasy sports contests – football or soccer if you’re in the UK, basketball and even tennis are just some of the sports they offer fantasy leagues in.

So having fans of your company is probably one of the easiest ways to hire the best talent.

Jason Jones is the Recruitment Marketing Specialist at DraftKings and he tells us how they are using technology and other strategies to attract the best talent in the highly competitive tech arena.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why you don’t need to know your sport to work there
• Why their pillars are around sports and technology
• Storytelling and display ads are at the heart of their EVP
• What a cappuccino has got to do with EVP
• Why they needed a new career site and how it now works

You can connect with Jason here.

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