Everything Candidates Need to Find Find a Job

So, you want to find a job, but what exactly do you need?

If you use a combination of various methods and tactics for finding a position, it will increase your options, expand your networking pool and decrease your overall search time.

There are three main steps to each job search: preparation, searching and staying positive. Preparation involves resume work and cleaning up your social media presence, searching is all about knowing how and where to search (and network) whereas staying positive is exactly that – remember not to take rejection personally!

College Atlas have all the rest of the answers in their infographic below!


  • Make sure you resume is up to date.
  • Clean up your Facebook profile – remove offensive content and add good quality postings.
  • 11% of job seekers find a job through an agency or firm.
  • For every 100 resumes you submit, on average, you’ll get 10 interview opportunities.
  • Remember to be patient, and learn from your mistakes!


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