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What is the Recruitment Marketer’s Essential Tech Stack?

Love it or hate it, technology is slowly taking over most part of our lives and within the workplace is no different. And one thing it guarantees it can do is to make your work life easier. There is technology available for every aspect of the world and recruitment marketing is no different.

This week our panel of ten experts tell us what they think is the recruitment marketer’s must-have tech stack.

Joe Shaker

There are so many factors in determining the ideal tech stack, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have to factor in the ATS, the candidate experience, the recruiter experience and the budget. The best first step is to determine the best candidate experience for your organization and then build your stack around that so your technology supports it. It’s also extremely important to streamline the process as much as you can. You don’t want too many platforms over each other.

Joe Shaker is the President of Shaker Recruitment Marketing.


Maren Hogan

A great CRM that offers email marketing, lead scoring and landing pages for resources. It’s not really tech but a great copywriter helps A LOT..

Maren Hogan is CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media.

Jared Nypen

You need a strong recruitment marketing platform, that powers your career site with everything you’d expect today (SEO, job distribution, social integration, seamless candidate search), CRM, email marketing tool and social tools for posting, aggregating and monitoring content.

Jared Nypen is the Vice-President of talent at Great Clips inc.

Lisa Jones

• Trello for planning
• Google Analytics for website ROI
• An SEO toolkit like SEMRush/AHRefs to turbo boost content
• Speedy video and image software such as Adobe Spark / Loom / Lumen5 / Canva to stretch content.

Lisa Jones is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones.

Mark Cavanagh

Dependant on your focus and budget, your Essential Tech Stack will change substantially, if you are an established brand your focus is likely to be inbound recruiting, look at tools to optimise inbound marketing pathways, tools such as Moz, Yoast and the Google Suite can help you to optimise your pages and create a network of channels to your career and job search pages.

If you’re one of those still trying to make headway in a crowded marketplace, your efforts will likely move towards getting yourself in front of potential candidates and providing a level of customer experience to keep yourself there. Although not the only option, a solid job multiposter or ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) can get your roles across the web in the click of a button and aggregate all of the responses in a single location.

Mark Cavanagh is the Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Charlotte Jones

With the increase in digital marketing in recruitment marketing strategies and the need to differentiate messages in a competitive talent marketplace, having the right technology in place is essential.  I must caveat that any technology should be driven by an internal strategy, which will be unique for every organization. Essential basics include search engine/mobile optimized career website with landing page/microsite capabilities, retargeting media campaign technology, CRM/Talent Network that allows for efficient email marketing campaigns, Talent Communities, webinar creation tools, employee generated video capabilities, employee referral platform integrated with the ATS, ROI tracking technology that allows for agile campaign management tracking codes.

Charlotte Jones is theRecruitment Marketing Manager at Lockheed Martin.

Phil Strazzulla

You need a recruitment marketing software to power your career sites and talent communities (Smashfly, Avature, NextWave Hire – each have their own niche), a social media platform (Buffer, Hootsuite), a modern ATS (Greenhouse, Lever, Smart Recruiters, Workable), and then specific point solutions for whatever is relevant to your business: ad buying, chatbot, etc

Phil Strazzulla is the Founder of NextWave Hire.

Shelby Burghardt

As a recruitment marketer, I wouldn’t be able to do my job successfully without:

• A social media scheduler and content calendar (such as Hootsuite, Buffer, CoSchedule)
• A presence on job seeker channels (such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, The Muse)
• A tool to create branded visuals (such as Canva, Adobe Spark, PostCreator)
• A recruitment CRM/talent network (such as SmashFly, Beamery, Ideal)
• A brand amplification tool (such as GaggleAmp, LinkedIn Elevate, SocialHP)

Shelby Burghardt is the Global Talent Brand Manager at Thomson Reuters.

Rebecca Drew

For me, one of the most important things is to make the most of technology to amplify the talent brand message and engage with candidates at scale – helping you to reach a wider audience. First of all, to make sure you are positioning your talent brand to the right audience, you need data-driven insights that will help you understand the talent landscape. Only then you can make the best use of the tech stack available to you.

There are a variety of tech options that can help you do this. A robust professional network, like LinkedIn, allows companies to offer targeted media campaigns that will get their brand message in front of the right candidates. In addition, specific brand amplification tools like LinkedIn Elevate will help broaden reach and increase awareness.

As video and graphics continue to be an effective way of conveying a talent brand, creation and editing tools like Visme and Canva are excellent for making original branded visuals.

Rebecca Drew is a Manager at LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Bennett Sung

It will be very similar to a corporate marketing tech stack, which includes Google Analytics, company website, CRM, marketing automation and social media. What’s new today is the emerging adoption of conversational AI (e.g., chatbots, Drift for Marketing and AllyO for recruiting) to deliver a more delightful experience, but also to benefit from what the engagement data can tell us about the candidate’s non-resume attributes like readiness and reliability.

Bennett Sung is the Head of Marketing at Allyo.

By Ushma Mistry

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