8 Essential Items to Take to Your Interview

By now we all know that preparation is key if you want to succeed at interview stage. When it comes to interview day, you will have most likely researched the company extensively and studied the job description thoroughly – but there’s still a little more preparation to be done in order to boost your chances of success. You need equip yourself properly in order to be organised and appear professional. StandOut CV has compiled this handy infographic showing the 8 essential items that you need to take with you to ace your next job interview.

1.  Multiple copies of your CV

Although it’s easy to assume that the interviewer will be in possession of your CV by the time you reach interviewer, you shouldn’t leave it up to them to bring a copy with them. Be pro-active and print of multiple copies just in case their printer has broken or you meet more than one person at the company. This level of preparation will show them that you are professional and you plan for any possible outcome.

2. A smart folder or bag

Turning up to the interview with and producing a crumpled CV from your pocket will not create a great first impression. Invest in a smart folder or bag to ensure that you stay organised and look like a professional candidate. Something that is small enough to carry under your arm, but big enough to carry all of your essentials is perfect.

3. A pen and notepad

It’s likely that a lot of important facts and figures will be discussed during interview stage, so it pays to have a pen and pad handy to note them down. When you need to make follow up emails or decide between competing offers, having the finer details jotted down will be hugely beneficial.

4. Some pre-prepared questions

Most employers will expect you to have some questions about their role and company, so write some down in advance and take them with you. Having them in written format will not only help to jog your memory, but will also show the interviewer that you’ve done some proper preparation.

5.  The job description

To ensure that you’ve fully familiarised yourself with the role, make some notes on the job description and take it with you. On the day of the interview, you can then arrive to the area 30 minutes early and grab a coffee whilst you revise the job details for one last time before heading in, to ensure that it is fresh8 Essential items to take to your next job interview in your mind.

6. The interview details

Too many candidates rely on their mobile to access interview details through their email. However, mobile internet access in not always guaranteed so save the details to your phone or even write them down on paper. Losing the address or name of the interviewer will not set the interview off to a great start.

7.  Relevant certificates

If the role you are applying for requires one or more qualifications, then take those certificates along with you – or at least some good copies if you can’t take the originals. You may not be asked to show them but it’s better to have them with you just in case.

8. Examples of your work

Creative professionals such as designers or artists will have portfolios of work to display some of their achievements – but if you are in a non-creative industry you may have client testimonials or sales figures that you can take with you to give some examples of the impact you’ve made at previous employers.

About the author: Andrew is a writer for Standout CVs.

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What to take to a job interview

By Phoebe Spinks

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