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25 Extremely Useful Employer Branding Tools

We’ve put together the ultimate list of all the handy employer branding tools to help you take your employer branding to another level.

Trusted by the likes of Nike, American Airlines, Unilever, GE, Airbnb, Deloitte, Accenture, these tools will help improve your candidate experience, employee advocacy, research/measurement, social media sharing, content creation and candidate relationship management.

Candidate experience tools:

1. AltruA mobile-first platform that allows you to create some excellent employer brand content at scale that covers all your candidate experience and social media needs as well.

2. PathMotionAn artificially intelligent candidate experience platform that enables your employees to share stories and engage directly with candidates online.

3. OliviaAn innovative AI assistant that allows you to focus on what you do best, while she focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling, and candidate communication & engagement.

Employee advocacy tools:

4. SmarpThis employee engagement and advocacy platform helps employees improve their thought leadership and build their networks by making it easy for them to share and measure the impact of their content.

5. LinkedIn ElevateLinkedIn’s flagship advocacy tool is a paid employee advocacy platform that helps employees become more social professionals on LinkedIn.

6. Sociabble: This employee advocacy tool allows companies like Microsoft to amplify their reach on social media, boost their employee engagement and drive social selling and internal communications.

7. Dynamic Signal: This tool is an employee communication and engagement platform, helping you to connect, align and engage employees.

8. Everyone SocialThis employee advocacy platform regards itself as a social selling and employee advocacy platform that is designed to help your employees become potent marketers, sellers, & recruiters.

9. Bambu: Developed by Sprout Social, it is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.

Research and measurement tools:

10. Employer Brand Index: This unique measurement tool measures everything candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online and analyzes everything to give you an objective understanding of your external reputation as an employer.

11. Qualtrics: While not a specific employer branding product, they do offer surveys that help you track employee experience and gather feedback from across the employee life-cycle.

Social media sharing & scheduling tools:

12. Buffer: This social media management platform is trusted by businesses around the world to help employees embrace the individuality and provide quality content to their audience.

13. HootSuiteSimilar to Buffer, HootSuite allows businesses to schedule, manage and report on their social media content. They’ve also created Hootsuite Amplify, with Workplace by Facebook, to provide an easy employee advocacy solution.

Content creation:

14. Skill Scout: An innovative job video DIY tool that helps you create employer branding videos on your own with a step-by-step guide.

15. Canva: A free graphic-design tool assisting employer brand professionals to develop quick visuals, logos, and other image content.

16. Seenit: This video collaboration tool, available on mobile as well, enables companies to produce high-quality videos at scale by including and engaging their communities of employees, fans, and customers.

17. Papirfly: A unique employer brand automation software that helps companies creates creative flyers, animated banners, social media posts and more.

Candidate relationship management tools:

18. Zoho CRM: An applicant tracking system that helps millions of companies track applicants

19. SmartRecruiters: A modern web-based recruitment software and applicant tracking system.

20. Jobbio: Their desktop and mobile candidate management tool helps you manage your applicants with a live system to help you hire and stage interviews.

21. Greenhouse: An ATS and recruitment software designed to optimize your candidate recruitment process.

22. Recruiterbox: A user-friendly recruitment software helps over 200 companies grow by attracting, evaluation and hiring talent.

23. Bullhorn: This tool enables you to streamline candidate management by strengthening your relationships with clients and prospects.

24. Workable: A popular online recruitment software with a great interface, trusted by over 6,000 companies.

25. Jobvite: Another popular recruiting software that streamlines all aspects of your candidate sourcing, hiring, and onboarding.

We are going to be continuously updating these tools, adding in new tools and removing tools that aren’t relevant anymore. If we’ve missed anyone, feel free to tell us in the comment section below!