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Attracting Truckers with Employer Branding

How do you attract & retain talent for a specialist role that is threatened by the march of the robots and one that is probably not the first career that springs to mind for millennials?

Jason Crowell is the Recruiting and Retention Manager at Brady Trucking in Colorado. In this episode, he shares how they sell the experience to prospective talent.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About Brady Trucking and how it started in Colorado.
  • What challenges the trucking industry faces with the development of artificial intelligence.
  • How you can use employer branding to competitively attract the best truckers around.
  • What Amazon’s virtuous sales cycle has to do with Jason’s employer brand strategy.
  • How to find truckers online and more importantly activate your employer brand to do so.
  • Why you shouldn’t spend too much money on a video for employer branding and instead tell a story about a real employee without too much equipment.
  • How Jason calculates the return on investment on his employer branding tactics.

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