Employer Branding

An Employer Brand Expert’s Post-Pandemic Forecast

Regardless of the extent to which your business has been disrupted by COVID-19, we’ll all re-emerge from varying degrees of lockdown into a changing world. What does this mean for employer brand and its leaders?

Simon Barrow, creator of employer brand, explores employer brand’s relevancy to a world in the midst of a crisis and massive change, including what employer brand managers must prioritize now in order to thrive.

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Barrow was a brand manager and advertising CEO before he got the idea to adapt brand management to the more people-centered work of HR. Today, his work in employer brand has had a profound effect on business around the globe. Here’s what lies ahead, in his view, for employer brand managers.

  • Your Company Will Be Judged for Its Crisis Response: When asked about the employer brand’s importance right now, Barrow’s answer is blunt: “It’s in times of trouble that it matters most.”
  • Transparency Remains Key: Are members of senior management still earning what they were pre-COVID? Are employees being let go at all levels of an organization, or just those lower on the ladder?
  • How and Where We Work Will Change: Post-Pandemic: The forced transition to working from home awakened many businesses to the feasibility (and, in some cases, benefits) of a remote workforce, as well as its limits.
  • Purpose Will Become All-Important to Employer Brand: Company purpose, Barrow reminds us, is impossible to “spin” when it comes to the employer brand.

For more from Simon Barrow, listen to his previous appearance on the Employer Branding Podcast and follow his work on LinkedIn. For more help identifying the values and culture you want to create in your company and refining your employer value proposition, reach out to us.

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.