Employer Branding Talent Acquisition

How Tech Companies Can Attract Talent with Culture

How do you build an authentic employer brand? It’s all about getting a genuine understanding of what makes your business attractive, what roles are most critical to your success and truly examining the perceptions, characteristics, and attributes of current and potential employees.

We speak to Ana Harris Padley, the International People Services Lead at Houzz where she looks after all things people-related outside the US, to find out what the building blocks for employer brand are and how she activates a ‘family’ and ‘home’ feel at the company.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the world’s biggest online home design platform
  • What sort of talent challenges Ana is faced with
  • Why a family feel is an important factor of Houzz’s employer brand
  • Why the best sources of hire are a balance between passive and active candidates
  • Why referrals don’t necessarily have to be financial incentives
  • How to communicate and active messages to prospective talent
  • What makes their Open Houzz initiative so appealing
  • The mistakes Ana has learned along the way with Houzz
  • Why ROI is all about the increase of employer brand awareness
  • Ana’s top 3 tips for employer branding managers
  • Why inspires Ana and Houzz

Connect with Ana on LinkedIn and check out InsideHouzz to get an inside look at the company.