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How to Get the Best Email Open and Click Rates

Sending an email newsletter is an art which will never be easy to perfect – there are so many factors which act against the senders.

Here’s an infographic by GetResponse spelling out how to get the best open rates for emails – and the best times to send them.


  • 23.63% of all email opens occur within the first hour of sending – this decreases to 0.63% in the 24th hour.
  • Be careful when you send the email though – e-mails sent in the afternoon have a better chance of being noticed, opened and clicked – due to 38.7% of messages being sent between 6am and 12 noon.
  • Most emails are clicked on at 8 and 9am and 3 and 8pm, and opened at 8 and 9am and 3 and 4pm.
  • The best time to send emails is when users are reviewing their inboxes – i.e. morning and early afternoon.
  • The timing of emails needs to be changed when sending to different time zones to optimise opening.

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