6 Tips to Dressing for a Job Interview

The first impression you make when you go for a job interview is the most important one. Before you even open your mouth, you are being judged on how you dress and this can give out certain ideas about who you are as a person as well as your work ethic.

It can potentially make or break the interview. So how exactly should you dress when you go for a job interview? Here are some tips and tricks to remember so you create a great first impression…good luck!

1. Research the company’s culture and dress code

What outfits are considered appropriate for an interview often varies by industry. If you know people who work at the company you are interviewing for, ask them what they wear to work.

If you don’t know anyone, that’s ok too. Call the Human Resources department of the company and ask them for recommendations. Even if a company is known to have a casual dress code, they may expect you to dress up a little for your first interview.

2. Invest in a “power outfit”

In some industries, suits and ties are the norms. If you are applying for a job in one of these industries, invest in a few professional but comfortable “power outfits”. Don’t just get one because you may be asked to return for follow up interviews. These outfits may cost more but they will make you look good.

3. Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes

Your outfit includes your shoes too, but unfortunately, many people don’t realize this. Your overall appearance won’t quite have the desired impact if you wear a beautiful, tailor-made suit with a pair of tattered and dirty shoes.

For men, a pair of dress shoes or loafers are usually appropriate. For women, try to be conservative and wear a pair of low heels, and don’t expose your toes.

4. Try out your interview outfit

Even though you might have tried the clothes before you bought them, put the whole outfit on while you are at home to be sure it’s appropriate. Make sure that you can walk and sit comfortably, and you may even wish to have a sort of “dress rehearsal”, answering your interview questions in your interview outfit.

5. Don’t over-accessorize

Whether you are a male or female, accessories are very important. However, try not to wear too much jewelry, especially large, flashy, and distracting ones, and it may take the attention away from what you are saying and rather on the bling you are sporting. If you are a male, a watch and a nice belt are good options. 

6. Groom yourself

Besides your outfit, make sure that your hair looks neat and your fingernails are clean. You’ll have to shake hands with people at the interview, and you don’t want them to see the dirt under your fingernails!

What outfit do you rely on when you go for an interview? Let us know in the comments below!

By Sophie Deering