Should You Ever Dress Down for an Interview?

Job interviews can be stressful, since you always want to make a great impression. You know that your interviewer’s first impression of you is important so you want to make sure that you look great and appropriate for the interview.

Naturally, because of this need to impress, it is instinctive for everyone to dress up. Guys usually wear a suit, and ladies wear blazers paired with their slacks or dresses. There isn’t anything wrong with dressing up and in fact, this is the norm and what is expected when you are asked to attend a job interview.

However, there are instances where dressing down is the best option when attending a job interview. As unbelievable as it may sound, yes, there are some cases where dressing casually for an interview will clinch you that job:


First, make sure that you check the instructions when you got the invitation for the job interview. If it tells you to dress down, then by all means, dress down. Remember though, that dressing down does not mean that you can wear shorts and a flimsy top to the interview. It only means that you can wear jeans, or light slacks, and a more casual top. If you are male, you can do away with the suit. You can wear chinos or khaki slacks, plus a button-up shirt. For ladies, you can wear a dress that isn’t revealing.


Second, it is best that you consider the industry that you are applying for. Typically, a company set in the creative agency does not require you to dress up for a job interview.

If you are applying as a part of the creative team for an advertising agency, you can even get away with wearing jeans to the job interview. Just make sure that your jeans aren’t dirty, they don’t have holes, and that you look presentable.

If you are applying for a position in an IT company, you will also observe that most of the employees are dressed casually. It is best to follow the status quo, and dress similarly.

Even if you are instructed to dress casually for the interview, remember that the general rules for dressing for a job interview still apply. Namely, do not wear anything that is revealing. Ladies should wear skirts of appropriate length. Refrain from flashing too much skin. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops, and please keep your cleavages covered. Make sure your pants are pressed, check if your clothes have stains and are wrinkled. Brush your hair; make sure you don’t have anything on your teeth. Ladies, it is best to apply some make-up, but don’t make it too heavy. Your normal, everyday make-up will work. Avoid wearing heavy perfume. A light scent will do. You are not going on a date, always remember that.

In the end, your outfit will only take you until the first impression. It is still important that you make the right impression with your conversational skills, and your qualifications for the job. Just approach the interview with confidence, and you will definitely ace it.

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