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Do Recruiters Still Read Resumes?

They used to be the best way for candidates to get noticed by prospective employers, and there were certain rules for compiling them including lots of dos and don’ts. But are they really relevant and should we be bothering with them at all in this digital and social media age where there are far more innovative ways to put yourself ‘out there’?

This week our panel of experts tell us what they think you should do when it comes to resumes. Have a read and see if you agree.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

A CV is a fantastic grounding for a discussion. For me it is a talking point. It helps me to build a profile of you.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves,  Director, H2 Consultancy.

Jeff Berger

Yes and no. While recruiters still largely rely on resumes to evaluate candidates, only a small portion of all inbound applications ever reach them for review. An estimated 98% of large organizations use software known as an applicant tracking system (ATS) to scan resumes and eliminate the least-qualified candidates for a role. On average, these ‘bots’ reject 75% of resumes before the recruiter sees them. Writing an effective resume has become both an art and a science; to be successful, your resume must be carefully constructed to sail through this screening technology and entice recruiters once it reaches their inboxes.

Jeff Berger, CEO and Founder, Talent Inc.

Lysha Holmes

Personally, I skim read through a resume on the rarity I receive one as the reality is, the first thing I do when a candidate approaches me, is – I go to their linkedIn profile and other platforms too.  If you are going to send a CV to a recruiter, keep it achievements focused with facts, bullet points and avoid the “war and peace” approach.

Lysha Holmes, Recruiter of Recruiters, Qui Recruitment.

Paul Wolfe

Resumes are an important part of the hiring process, and recruiters absolutely still read them to determine if candidates are a good fit for the role they are looking to fill. The key to drafting resumes and cover letters that will stand out to employers and recruiters is to craft each one specifically for the job you are applying for

Paul Wolfe, Indeed Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources.

Rebecca Fraser

This is a yes and no answer. Yes, some recruiters will read a resume but not until further down the process than it use to be. Many recruiters will use online and offline talent pools, that they may curate themselves or through the likes of sites such as linkedin, and then ask for the resume as a formality or to provide more specific information. The amount of time spent on this document will be greatly dependent on what other information has been gathered and how the candidate has come to the attention of the recruiter.

Rebecca Fraser, Digital Experience and Learning Manager.

Ben Martinez

Yes – But focus on brief bullet points, not lengthy descriptions.

Ben Martinez, Principal Founder, Ramp Talent.

Jo Cresswell

They do, but they will also review and consider your social presence. Both LinkedIn, as well as any other social networks which are public. For this reason, be aware what your privacy settings are on social media profiles and ensure that, if public, there is nothing that you wouldn’t want a potential future employer seeing.

Jo Cresswell, Corporate Communications Manager, Glassdoor.

Darain Faraz

Absolutely, the resume isn’t dead. While it’s crucial to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, recruiters and hiring managers will often follow up by asking for a CV. Make sure you are presenting the information you really want to get across so that it stands out. You don’t need to go crazy with WordArt, it can simply mean pulling out important figures (e.g. X happy clients, £X money saved, X awards won) or perhaps displaying key moments in your career in a timeline format.

Darain Faraz, Careers Expert, LinkedIn.

Allan Leung

Yes, it’s just that the resume has transformed to also include an online portfolio (i.e LinkedIn, Github, etc.) highlighting your work.

Allan Leung, Lead Talent Acquisition Advisor, HCSS.

Chris Murdock

Recruiters will read your resume for 10 seconds. The technology /AI has already indicated the resume is a fit for the role we are searching for.

Chris Murdock is Senior Partner and Co-Founder at IQTalent Partners

By Ushma Mistry

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