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Understanding the Impact of Diversity in Your Organization

In this week’s episode, we’re going to chat about Diversity & Inclusion, a hugely important topic, and how it impacts your organization’s employer brand.

Tayo Rockson is the CEO of UYD Management, a strategic leadership and consulting firm that helps corporations improve their bottom line by incorporating diversity, inclusion, and social justice strategies. The company helps leaders, organizations, and communities focus on the issues that matter most – locally, globally, and financially.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Who Tayo Rockson is and what a ‘Culture Translator’ is.
  • What the benefits are of a diverse workplace are to your business.
  • How to combat unconscious bias in the recruitment process.
  • How to improve misconceptions about inclusion in the workplace by educating and communicating.
  • How CEO’s can play a part in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Why it’s important you measure your diversity initiatives.
  • What Tayo’s top tips to improve diversity and inclusion for employer branding managers are.
  • Whether or not the will be a point down the line where companies will no longer be talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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