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5 Digital Trends Small Businesses Need to Focus on

What digital trends do small businesses need to focus on in 2016 in order to improve their business? From analysing data analytics, to embracing new social media platforms, new advice is being dished out all the time, so what should small businesses take on board?

This infographic by Cube provides small businesses with everything that they need to know to achieve success this year.

1) Focus on return on investment:

  • SMBs need to move beyond vanity metrics. Even if their audience are present on a platform such as Snapchat, they must think about whether it will bring them any sort of ROI.

2) Think global instead of local:

  • With technology at our fingertips, businesses don’t need to be limited to their local area. Online stores such as Amazon can sell globally, so there’s no reason you couldn’t too.

3) Personalisation is key

  • In order to stand out online, it’s important to personalise your content and provide something a bit different. Different email and marketing tools allow you to customise your material before sending it out.

4) Focus on analytics

  • Monitor you web analytics to see what tactics improved or hindered your conversion rate.

5) Prioritise mobile

  • These days people use mobile for everything from conducting research, to making purchases. For this reason, it is essential that you have a mobile friendly website/ email software.

6) Use influencer marketing

  • Rather than distributing your brand messages yourself, get influencers on board to get the word out.

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Image: Pablo