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How to Develop Strong Relationships with Contractors

When recruiting a contractor, it is vital to source the perfect candidate for the job role and the company. As independent contractors don’t have the same compensation benefits and employment rights as full-time workers, it can be easy for them to leave a job if they become dissatisfied with the arrangement. Should this happen, you are likely to sever ties with both the contractor and client as you have been unable to live up to your end of the deal.

To prevent such a problem, recruiters should try to create a strong relationship with contractors as well as the clients they are working for.

Tactics to avoid

Contractors can be put off from working with recruiters due to the horror stories that circulate regarding the tactics used by some agencies. Negative traits that often deter contractors include:

  • Exaggerating job descriptions – if a recruiter changes a job description as specified by a client, a contractor is less likely to trust the agency again. Should the individual then tell the employer about the tactic, the client may also think twice about using the service.
  • Advertising non-existent jobs and faking client relationships – in order to get more resumes on their books, some recruiters will post non-existent vacancies on job boards or pretend that they are recruiting for certain companies. However, this is unlikely to result in a strong relationship once a contractor realises that there isn’t a job currently on offer.
  • Changing resumes – it has been known for recruiters to ‘edit’ a candidate’s resume without telling the individual, which could lead to uncomfortable questions during the interview stage. Again, this method is likely to damage any trust between the contractor and recruiter due to a lack of transparency.

Such misleading behaviour can not only damage any future relationship with quality contractors, but also harm partnerships with clients. Should they find out about any dishonest tactics, they may choose not to use your services again.

How to Act

Taking the time to establish a strong rapport with contractors can help you to find the ideal candidates for companies. This more personal and attentive approach also enables recruiters to succeed in the future, as both contractors and clients have a high level of trust in their service.

To develop a strong relationship with contractors, it is important to take into consideration their job requirements. Think about the city they work in, their available working days and hours as well as their preferred industry so that you can put them forward for suitable jobs that they are more likely to succeed in.

For specialist areas like IT, a recruiter should have plenty of knowledge about the role at hand. This ensures that the IT contractor put forward is well-matched to the vacancy, ensuring that the end result is successful.

Once your client has chosen a candidate, you can then choose to work with an employment outsourcing specialist. They will look after the client and deal with any queries they have, also ensuring that they are paid on time. Through providing a full term of employment, you can make sure that contractors and clients remain completely happy throughout the process.

To summarise, it is important to create an attentive and honest relationship with contractors so that you are able to successfully match good candidates with good companies, ensuring that all parties trust your service and are happy to use you again in the future.

Employment outsourcing specialist Parasol has strong relationships with recruitment agencies, recruiters and contractors. Our award-winning service provides all parties with a high level of support, ensuring that processes run as smoothly as possible.

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