Employer Branding Talent Acquisition

Deutsche Bahn’s Talent Acquisition Strategy

This week we’re speaking to a global mobility company that does so much more than just operating trains. With hundreds of thousands of employees globally, Deutsche Bahn has recently launched a very honest employer brand campaign.

We chat with Kerstin Wagner, Head of Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bahn. She is responsible for employer branding and recruiting on both the strategic and operational level. She’s working with a lot of nationalities, which results in both a diverse and fun role!

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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The talent challenges and struggles at Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche Bahn’s employee value proposition
  • Deutsche Bahn’s 360-degree approach to activating their employer brand
  • What Deutsche Bahn’s best source of hire is
  • Kerstin’s top tips for all employer brand managers out there
  • How Deutsche Bahn measure their employer brand success
  • What’s next for Deutsche Bahn’s employer brand.

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