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What’s Your #1 Tip to Delivering a Great Candidate Experience?

Most people would like to deliver a great candidate experience and they would readily admit that they would like to be the best employer out there. But there is no harm in getting tips on how to be even better.

Our panel of ten experts have given what they think is the number one tip for you to deliver a great candidate experience. They may be something you are already doing or something you have never thought of, so have a read

Katrina Kibben

Think way outside the box to create experiences that wow and amaze people – not just check boxes on some audit created 10 years ago.



Katrina Kibben is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Three Ears Media.

Kevin Grossman

Listen and communication more throughout the recruiting process!





Kevin Grossman is President of Global Programs at The Talent Board.

Lori Sylvia

Communicate better. Start with a candidate communication audit. Look at how and when candidates are being communicated with throughout their candidate experience. Every time a candidate touches your organization, what communication are they receiving, from whom, how is it being delivered and what “message” are you really sending them?

A quick improvement is to look at your recruiting template emails and rewrite them so they sound more conversational, are personalized with at least the candidate’s first name and what job they applied to. Even better is if you can tell candidates what to expect next depending on the stage they’re in, and offer useful resources to help them in their job search, even if they don’t ultimately land that job with you.

Lori Sylvia is the Founder and CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing.

Manuel Heichlinger

In my opinion storytelling is the most powerful tool for a recruiter to create a great candidate experience. I always tell my team to be authentic and to tell stories that resonate with candidates and bring to life the ‘LinkedIn magic’ in their own voice. There is no better way to attract, engage and retain candidates throughout the interview process than sharing your personal insights and create a level of excitement and sense of belonging with applicants at every single touch point.

Manuel Heichlinger is LinkedIn’s Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition.

Jeanette Maister

Always keep the conversation going using a concerted engagement and events approach. Ask your potential employees how they feel about the recruiting process and continue to ask them about their experience as they move through the onboarding process. Once they’ve been completely integrated into your company, ask them about the experience from their perspective as a full-fledged employee.The cycle should never end!

Jeanette Maister, is Head of Americas at Oleeo (formerly WCN).

Josh Tolan

Put yourself in your candidate’s shoes. Do things that don’t scale (initially) and then figure out ways to systemize those processes.



Josh Tolan is the CEO of Sparkhire.

Aida Fazylova

Be responsive – constantly send updates on the status changes, or whether or not the resume was submitted, screened, etc. Also, remember that speed matters with updates. Try to be as timely as possible so candidates know exactly where they stand in your hiring process. Implementing chatbots could help with that.

Aida Fazylova, CEO and Founder, of

Benjamin Gledhill

Before you deliver a great candidate experience you need to know what it looks like. Map it out with every touchpoint and comms and work backwards. Look for simply improvements that when joined up delivers massive benefits.


Benjamin Gledhill is the Head of Resourcing at Yodel.

Jill Shabelman

Communication is key. Make the time to proactively communicate with candidates and eliminate the black hole that so many feel they fall into after they engage with an employer. If you’re not moving someone forward in the process, tell them. Don’t leave them guessing what’s next.

Jill Shabelman is the Employer Brand & Marketing Manager at Deloitte Services LP.

Chris Murdock

Learn from the mistakes you’ve made as an organization and avoid making them over and over again.

Chris Murdock is Senior Partner and Co-Founder at IQTalent Partners.

By Ushma Mistry

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