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What is Your Definition of Recruitment Marketing?

We bring you yet another panel of ten experts and this time we’re talking all things recruitment marketing. But what is recruitment marketing I hear you say? I mean, it sounds pretty obvious going by its title but is it?

We asked our experts to give us their own definition of it, see if you agree.

Joe Shaker 

Recruitment Marketing is how you present yourself to candidates – from the message, to the deployment and the candidate experience.




Joe Shaker is the President of Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Maren Hogan

Recruitment marketing is the natural, tactical extension of employer branding. It’s the art of attracting someone not just to the company but to a specific job and team. It includes everything that traditional marketing does including: traditional advertising, digital ads, copywriting, graphic design and audio-visual components. It should also be measured the same way we measure traditional marketing including how qualified a lead is and what it costs to get a conversion.

Maren Hogan is CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media.

Jared Nypen

Recruitment marketing is how a company markets their employer brand to attract and engage talent on their journey to becoming an applicant.



Jared Nypen is the Vice-President of talent at Great Clips inc.

Lisa Jones

A crucial function designed to attract, engage, convert and retain your 3Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues.



Lisa Jones is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones.

Mark Cavanagh

Recruitment Marketing has traditionally been defined under a single purpose, ‘I have a role to fill, please help me advertise it and fill it’. For us, this definition has taken a beating in recent years, with the recruitment industry more competitive than ever, marketing has been brought in to explore new ways to attract talent and assist in the construction of employer brand.

If I were to define the new age of recruitment marketing I would describe it as the ‘Talent Acquisition Toolbox’ which cannot be described as a single activity, but more a range of evolutionary practices which can adapt to meet the needs of a growing business, these are likely track the marketing practices of much larger and more sophisticated organisations.

Mark Cavanagh is the Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Charlotte Jones

Recruitment Marketing is how an organization attracts, connects and engages with talent to convey the value of the company as an employer.  Recruitment marketing activities are all about creating meaningful, long-term experiences with prospective employees, current employees and exiting employees as they are the target audience of all activities. Much like marketing or product management, recruitment marketing should be managed as a business strategy that’s aligned with human capital strategies–enabling business profitability and success.

Charlotte Jones is the Recruitment Marketing Manager at Lockheed Martin.

Phil Strazzulla

Recruitment Marketing is using marketing tactics in your talent acquisition efforts. This can cover anything from paid advertising to talent communities, career sites, employer branding content, and basically any other idea your VP of Marketing would have if they were leading the charge on recruiting.


Phil Strazzulla is the Founder of NextWave Hire.

Shelby Burghardt

Recruitment Marketing is a strategy that allows organizations to find, attract, and engage with potential candidates. The goal is to encourage active and passive job seekers to learn about the company, what it would be like to work there, then to apply for a role and join the organization. A recruitment marketing strategy is also a great way for a potential candidate to determine if they would be a good fit for the organization and its culture.

Shelby Burghardt is the Global Talent Brand Manager at Thomson Reuters.

Rebecca Drew

Recruitment marketing is the application of marketing strategies and tactics to showcase your talent brand – the highly social, totally public version of your company’s employer brand, to find, attract, engage and nurture the right talent for your business before they decide to apply for a job. It represents what your talent- past, present and potential – thinks, feels and shares about your company as a great place to work.

Rebecca Drew is a Manager at LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Bennett Sung

Recruitment marketing is a specialized communication strategy to attract, hire and retain talent.


Bennett Sung is the Head of Marketing at Allyo.

By Ushma Mistry

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