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10 Creative Instagram Job Ads to Seek Inspiration From

We’re all pretty familiar with social recruiting by now, however the focus is generally placed on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter and a lot of companies are yet to discover the value of Instagram as a recruiting tool.

Being a visual platform, Instagram is perfect for showcasing photographs of your team, events and company life, which is effective for building your employer brand. In addition to this it allows businesses to inject a bit of creativity into their job ads. Boring text just doesn’t do sometimes and the more eye catching and engaging, the better.

To provide you with a bit of inspiration about how your company could incorporate Instagram into your recruitment strategy, I’ve taken a look at how some organisations are already using the platforms to hire new staff.

Here are a few of the most creative job ads I came across.

1) Give them a task to complete

This ad by Verizon is a great example of how you can engage job seekers on Instagram by getting them to complete a task or game. By making it specific to the role or industry it will ensure you attract the right candidates, who suit the role.

2) Keep it simple but relevant

Starbucks haven’t gone for anything extravagant here, but it works. They’re known for writing names on takeaway cups (often incorrectly!), so it was a clever of them to play on that when advertising jobs within the company, as it is something that a lot of people will recognise.

3) Showcase your company culture

Creating a short video that exhibits your company culture and current vacancies is a great way to draw attention to your company. You don’t have to be a super skilled filmographer to produce one; a short clip filmed on a smartphone will do and there are a number of apps on the market, such as Flipagram if you would like to create a slideshows style video like the Cision’s video below.

4) Make your ad too delicious to resist

This video by Angelica Izaguerra from Magical Kitchen is simple but effective. When it came to advertising the job they did what they do best and being a bakery naturally this was to bake a cake! Not only is it a creative way to advertise a role, but it also ties in with the role they are hiring for, so it’s the perfect choice for the business.


It’s hard to scroll past Beehive Boutique’s ad without it grabbing your eye. The bright colours and bold text are fitting with their brand and vibrant style, so it’s sure to attract the right audience to the job opportunities.

6) Introduce your team

People want to work in a positive environment, with people they get alone with; so sharing photos of your existing employees is a great way to give job seekers an insight into your company culture. By sharing snaps of your team having a good time with each other like Cactus Club have, you give of welcoming vibes

7) Go psychedelic

Ok, not necessarily psychedelic, but this animation by Tree Trunk Digital is pretty cool! The bright colours catch your attention and being a digital agency, it makes sense that they have done something using their digital skills.

8) Get creative with graphic design

Graphics are really effective on Instagram and can be created quickly and easily. This ad by Style Fiesta successfully combines the graphic design element of the role with their fashion accessories business.

9) Make the job seeker feel valued

It’s always good to make people feel special, as it  and this graphic by Venuescape gives the impression that they are specially selecting you for the role.


10) Be friendly

Whole Foods know that a smile goes a long way!

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