Which Countries Have the Most LinkedIn Users?

LinkedIn is now an extremely key factor in job search, recruitment and networking. With 380 million users worldwide and 2 people joining every second, it is increasingly on the rise and is popular with both individuals and businesses.

It is interesting to have an understanding of who is using LinkedIn and to compare countries with more users against countries who are falling behind. It’s also important to look into and analyse the reasons behind these statistics, as they could explain why this social network may not be so popular in particular places, this may be due to social or economic reasons.

They could also explain the  global job market and reasons for employability in different countries and sectors.

Link Humans provided a video showcasing the main statistics from around the world. Which country/city has the most LinkedIn users? Let’s have a look!


  • The USA leads with 126 million LinkedIn users which has increased by approximately 17 million in one year!
  • India has 33.4 million users.
  • The USA has the highest penetration of LinkedIn usage compared to the population with the Netherlands coming close second.
  • New York is the city with the most users and Saõ Paulo comes second.

India – IT industry decline:

  • According to LinkedIn themselves, the community in India are being forced to reinvent themselves due to the decline in the IT industry.
  • This could explain the huge amount of LinkedIn users in India who desperately need to connect and find a new job.
  • From 2010-2013 LinkedIn users in India increased 500% from 3.4 million to 20 million.
  • According the LinkedIn research, the ‘City of LinkedIn India’ is comparable to that of Mumbai’s total metropolitan area!

Saõ Paulo – Tech skills:

  • Facebook launched a programme to provide/teach entrepreneurial and technology skills to small businesses one of Saõ Paulo’s slums.
  • Perhaps, this further influenced LinkedIn usage which could in turn also aid business and entrepreneurial skills and jobs.

Germany – XING competition:

  • 13% of Germans have a XING account compared to 5% who have LinkedIn, making XING LinkedIn’s largest competitor in Germany.
  • 31% of the German labor market and 1 out of 4 in Austria rates as their most favourite recruitment channel.

Los Angeles – Top skills from user data insights:

  • TV and Video Production is the top skill for Los Angeles on LinkedIn.
  • Both social media marketing and digital marketing are within the most popular skills.

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By Casey Fleischmann