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Top 10 Business Buzzwords We Need to Bin Immediately

We’ve all heard them and we’re all guilty of using at least once every so often – buzzwords.

They’re the words which your boss will say to you, or that person you don’t really want to be emailing will fill an email with – and OfficeVibe have listed the top 10 we need to get rid of RIGHT NOW.

The top 10 include:

1) “Think outside the box”:

Have you ever been told to think outside the box – to come up with an unique or creative solution? Why is what’s suggested never good enough? Where is the box? How big is it?

2) “Synergy”:

If you combine two or more things to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts, you’re creating a synergy…or, as it’s more commonly known, working together. It’s appeared on the Apprentice a lot, apparently.

3) “Take it offline”:

If someone wants to connect with you later on, separately from what you’re talking about at the moment, they may ask to take it offline…

Can’t we just say “chat about it later”?

4) “Skin in the game”:

If you have a personal stake or investment, you have skin in the game – a phrase coined by Warren Buffett himself.

5) “Bite the bullet”:

If you’re biting the bullet, you’re enduring an unpleasant situation which is unavoidable.

You could just stop moaning and get on with it…

6) “Touch base”:

This is one of my personal pet hates. Have you ever emailed someone again after a while and they’re happy to “touch base”?

Sorry, but I don’t want to touch any base of anything, thank you very much…

7) “Drinking the kool aid”:

Have you ever believed in an idea or a concept without questioning it? Then you’re drinking the kool aid, apparently ’cause you’re totally kool.

8) “Move the needle”:

If you make a noticeable difference in a business metric, you’ve moved the needle.

Yeah, me neither.

9) “Let’s circle back”:

If you want to discuss something later on, apparently you have to circle back with them.

See point 3.

10) “Hard stop”:

A hard stop (the opposite to a soft stop) is a fixed time to end an activity or event, because of a meeting or other event.

Just ask to leave, seriously.

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By Laurence Hebberd