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Things for Recruiters to Consider During the Job Offer

As a recruiter, your job is to find the perfect candidate for a company. While a booming job market is great for business, it can present a challenge for finding longtime hires. After all, with more opportunity comes more turnover.

Millennials especially have high turnover rates at jobs. In fact, a study by Gallup revealed that 21% of millennials have switched jobs in the past year and another 43% plan to leave their current job sometime in the next two years.

If you find a candidate that the company is excited to hire, you’ll want to make sure to tailor your offer to the candidate and what they’ve expressed is most important to them during the interview process. After all, getting an offer is both exciting and overwhelming for candidates, as it can take hours for them to review the benefits to find out what the true value of the offer is.

Here are some things to mention during the job offer:

1. Quantifiable Benefits:

This one seems obvious. You’ll, of course, mention the salary when you make an offer a new recruit. But you can take it a step further knowing some market information. If the role is offering above the city average, say so to the candidate.

You’ll also want to explain any bonus, commission or stock options as clear as possible, in case the recruit has never had an offer that included those benefits so they don’t fully understand the value.

Another great place to sell your candidate is on the benefits package, trusting that the company does, of course, have some good selling points. Find out where the benefits package is strongest and sell candidates on that!

2. Non-quantifiable Benefits:

To a lot of millennials, non-quantifiable benefits are just as valuable as quantifiable ones when they’re deciding whether or not to accept an offer. Make sure to discuss with your candidate what future growth opportunities in the company look like.

Also, if the company offers flexible work hours, good work-life balance, and a company culture that aligns with the candidate, make sure to mention this and try to attach value. For example, two work from home days will save money on gas, the time during the commute, and gift employees with a peace of mind they may not have gotten at their old company.

If you are recruiting for a company that is on the rise or has a consistently good market standing, this is also important to mention. Stability is a great asset for potential hires. If your company has been facing a downturn, frame it to your candidate as a way they can come in and make a big impact.   

3. Additional Benefits Worth Mentioning:

Sometimes an offer is worth more depending on the additional benefits. For example, student loan repayment and relocation reimbursement can directly put more money in your candidates pocket!

If the company you are recruiting for offers business travel, let the candidate know that they can build up travel points to save money on personal travel later down the road.

4. Unusual Work Perks:

A lot of companies offer hidden work perks, and these benefits can go a long way with candidates who share the same passion and values. For example, Bumble offers on-site manicures and blowouts and Patagonia lets employees surf during work hours when there are good waves.

Check out our infographic below for more tips on millennial job offers and questions to look out for from recruits

14 Things Millennials Need to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

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