Superman Poses and Other Confidence Hacks

Superman doesn’t doubt his abilities, and neither should you. Whether it’s starting a new job, going to an interview or delivering a big presentation, confidence (not arrogance) will be your friend. Research has shown that it’s a huge factor in either supporting or hindering career progression.

If self-confidence and success go hand in hand, then how can you fake it ’til you make it, when you’re a little down and out? Vegas Extreme Skydiving has compiled an infographic with 7 ways to help you release your inner Superman:

1. Make eye contact

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. I mean, it’s fairly deep if you think about it for too long, however it is also extremely true. When you look someone in the yes, you have no where to hide. Eye contact is a way of signifying trust and transparency, which is powerful in creating strong relationships with people. It is also a sign of confidence if you are able to maintain eye contact without nervously scouring the room instead. A sense of self-assuredness comes across with eye contact – just remember to smile a little so it doesn’t appear super intense. You should also look elsewhere regularly so the person you are speaking to doesn’t feel you are staring them down!

2. Practice powerful poses

Superman doesn’t stand like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, just sayin’. Practicing poses of power before you dive into the nerve-wracking situation will get you feeling in control, and make you ‘feel’ the part. Apparently this tricks your brain into thinking you’re more confident than you are. When you actually find yourself confronting real people, make sure you have an upright posture and your head isn’t drooping downwards.

3. Channel memories of confidence

Ahh yes, it was a cold Tuesday morning back in January. Your boss threw you a curveball question in a staff meeting and with a bit of quick thinking, you absolutely owned the answer, leaving everyone in the room with jaws touching the floor. Impressive, you were a hero. Mentally reliving times when you felt particularly confident can help you channel those feelings and act in a similar way again.

4. Dress for success

People say ‘you are what you eat’, well, perhaps it’s time to scrap that and start thinking ‘you are what you wear’. Wearing formal clothing can help you look the part, and ultimately influence your perception of yourself. Dressing smartly will result in you acting more confidently. If you’re feeling nervous, wear something comfortable too. Don’t choose something that you have to walk in a certain way to keep from falling down, or something you feel might make you stand out for the wrong reasons. Opt for the sure crowd pleasing classic. For any Friends fans out there, this means leaving the armadillo suit at home.

5. Speak clearly and slowly





It’s very easy to speak at a million miles an hour when you feel nervous. A true sign of confidence is someone who can control their pace, and annunciate their words correctly. Slurring your words not only makes you sound slightly drunk, but is a huge giveaway that inside your’e scrambling and wishing you were anywhere but where you are, trying to get things over with quickly. don’t worry if there is evidence of shakiness in your voice, you’re only human and everyone gets nervous. Control what you can control; your clarity and speed.

6. Use Supportive self talk

Be your own biggest fan. If a jockey said to you (prior to a huge horse race), “Training has been really difficult to be honest, we definitely aren’t going to win, we’re not very good if I’m honest,” what are the chances you’d put money on them? A big fat zero, probably. You have to fill your mind with positive self-talk, and tell yourself that you can do whatever it is. Self-doubt is fine, only if it is quickly counteracted with an encouraging and optimistic mindset. Talking yourself into succeeding is possible – make a self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself.

7. Use your hands

Use hand gestures to enhance what you’re saying, but if you feel yourself fidgeting, hold your hands together. Too much hand movement can be distracting. However, the right gestures can show you are in control and give an impression of confidence.

The saying ‘fake it ’til you make it’ exists for a reason. If you feel like a nervous wreck, fear not – give these tips a go and thank us later for the positive reception!


Image: Shutterstock

By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.