How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile [9 Ways]

Most of us are on networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, GitHub, ZoomInfo to name but a few. These networks have quickly become a directory for employers, customers, friends, foes, etc to look you up. Make sure you optimize your visibility, allowing you to be next up for a promotion, pay hike, or even a…

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Is a Career Coach Worth the Money?

Coaching in general is an industry that has grown exponentially the last decade or so. It all started in sports, where the best athletes made use of a coach to improve their skills and to stay ahead of the competition. Coaching has spread to our everyday lives and nowadays you can be coached on anything…

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3 Job Hunting Tactics for a Recession

If you are looking for a job in the current economy, you are certainly not in an enviable situation. You have probably found that there are fewer jobs and more applicants out there. You might have found that the wheels of recruitment are sluggish at best and ground to a halt at worst. Desperate times…