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3 Businesses That Have Nailed Their Company Culture

Company culture can have a huge impact on the happiness, productivity and performance of your employees, so it’s important to do whatever you can to create a culture that suits the nature and needs of your business and your staff. The company culture is made up of everything from the way you communicate and act on your company values, to the atmosphere in the workplace and the people working there.

Though certain factors cannot be controlled entirely, for example how well colleagues get along with each other, there are a few things you can do to ensure it is a great place to work. From employee perks, to freedom and responsibility at work, employers are going to all means to make sure their employees are happy.

Here are 5 companies who are doing it particularly well:

The Walt Disney Company:

It’s every child’s dream to work at Disney, but does it live up to their wild imaginations?

Ok, well unfortunately they don’t all work out of Cindarella’s castle, but it’s still a pretty magical place to work! Not only do employees get to be part of one of the most recognisable brands in the world, they also get to work in one of the friendliest communities in the world. If you’re someone who finds people who are ALWAYS happy a bit nauseating, Disney may not be the ideal workplace for you; however if this is right up your street then sign up! Disney only hire people who align with their values of innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency.

Some of the benefits of working at Disney include access to Mickey’s Retreat, which is an exclusive area accessible only to Cast Members and their families; generous discounts on Disney parks, hotels and merchandise; incentive schemes; healthcare and much more!


‘Just do it’ isn’t just Nike’s brand slogan, but also the mantra they instil in their employees to ensure they are engaged in their roles! Nike encourages their employees to push themselves to their limits and uncover their potential. They want to provide their staff with the opportunities for personal development and have an online platform for employee training and development in areas such as merchandising, retail, leadership and management.

In keeping with their brand Nike’s benefits program focuses on enabling employees to stay fit, ensure the wellness of their families and create a positive working environment. Benefits include onsite sports facilities including: gymnasiums with regular classes, football pitches, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, running tracks and on-site physiotherapists; health insurance; product discounts and many more!



You hear a lot about the fancy employee perks and high-energy company cultures of some of the top tech firms and Twitter lives up to the rep!

As one of the largest global tech firms, Twitter boasts an innovative and transparent culture, that is full of individuals who are passionate about their work andthe business. Despite the vast size of the company, like their product does for the general public, Twitter make sure that every single employee has a voice and contributes to the progression of the company. Their mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers

The cool office and chilled out atmosphere of the company are a couple of factors that keep employees sweet and one particular employee remarked on Glassdoor about how fun meetings are on Twitter’s fully kitted out rooftop garden.

As you would imagine, Twitter also offer some pretty cool employee perks including onsite gyms, free catering, healthcare, laundy service and allotted work time for charity projects, to name a few!


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