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How Co-Browsing is Changing the Face of Recruitment

The rapid innovation of technology channels and tools continues to transform the business landscape. New and innovative technologies are revolutionizing the way customers interact, making it easier, more convenient, and more effective for online and non-online businesses to communicate with their existing customers and prospects.

In addition to empowering the customers with a multitude of resources influencing their purchase and loyalty decisions, the quick evolution and adoption of technologies gives organizations lots of opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Co-browsing is a hidden gem of customer service and support. It is one of those new technologies that makes life easier— it lets two or more people browse and interact with a website, smoothly and simultaneously.

People prefer co-browsing or web sharing over chat, email, and phone. According to a survey conducted by Forrester, getting quick assistance through co-browsing has a 78% customer satisfaction rank, whereas phone and chat assistance has a rate of 74% and 69%, respectively.

Co-browsing influencing the recruitment industry

There is no industry today that is untouched by technology, and that includes the recruitment industry. There was a time when hiring meant a ‘WANTED’ ad in the newspaper and waiting for candidates to drop off their resumes.
Today, life has sped up. Technology simplified the hiring process. Smart and savvy recruiters have realized the importance of acting quickly to secure candidates and technology has started to acclimatize to the changing pace.
Promising recruitment trends can help recruiters build a solid talent pool of active and passive job candidates, find and hire quality talent, and stay ahead of the competition with pioneering recruiting tools and techniques.

Why co-browsing is a good and must-have feature on your website?

  • ‘NO’ Download or Installation
  • Show and Tell
  • Private and Secure
  • Share Documents
  • Engage with Chat

Consider a situation that exemplifies the importance of co-browsing in the recruitment industry

Suppose you are a recruiter and you’re in the process of hiring for your organization. You have conducted an online test for thousands of candidates. Some got stuck in the middle of the filling out the form, others while trying to submit the form, or, worst of all, some couldn’t even start.

Sometimes, due to technical issues, candidates cannot fill or submit forms due to unknown errors. Imagine a candidate who is unable to move on to the next page and the timer is running out. Or another candidate who cannot click to write on the provided space. Or still another who is unable to login. And so on. These situations can leave a bad impression about your organization, one way or another!

In embarrassing situations such as these, co-browsing can help you. Co-browsing is a super-tool that resolves all types of technical customer issues in real-time. It also lets recruiters or hirers see and interact with their candidates on the applicant’s screen– be it that of their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It means that throughout the conversation, which could be via live chat, voice call, etc., both parties are on the same page— so to speak. If they want, the candidates can even give browsing control of their screen to the recruiter or assistance provider, who can then remotely handle the process while they watch. To go around any sticky, data safety situations, co-browsing technology lets customers secret sensitive and confidential information on their screens by darkening the specific sections or, best yet, sharing only a particular application or window with the representative.

Here’s how recruiting through co-browsing can help you save money and time— and make you do your job better and more effectively.

Say bye to travelling and traffic

The biggest benefit of adding live chat and co-browsing software is that you can make the most of this tool without leaving your office. Real-time live chat isn’t just suitable for the employees, it’s convenient for you, too. The candidate doesn’t have to travel long distances to come for a job interview, and neither of you need to spend your valuable time on a flight or car ride or carting boxes of swag to a job fair!

Hire better talent

Attracting and hiring better and more suitable talent is the big goal for every recruiter, isn’t it? Recruiting online helps in enhancing the quality of your candidate pool, because it is easy, and quick, and less time-consuming. Passive and well-paid candidates, in particular, won’t go out of their way to attend a job fair. But it’s not too hard to convince those same quality workers to look up your job description and learn about any promising opportunities, which means you can bring in high-potential people who might otherwise have overlooked your job opening.

Even candidates who are already employed are curious about other potential opportunities for them. They might not agree to an in-person interview for several reasons, including traveling, time availability, and result. You can, however, convince them to give 10-15 minutes of their day to interact with you or the one who is looking to hire!
This way, candidates can get comfortable with you before the final, face-to-face interview. Allowing candidates to know what you have to offer is one of the best and most efficient ways to develop and improve your talent pool.

Decrease your cost per lead

Hiring talent requires money, too. Organizing job fairs, visiting colleges, flags, posters, and what not— everything costs money. Spending money to evaluate a candidate who actually turns out to be a poor fit is even worse.
You can screen candidates online before going for an in-person interview. Some co-browsing tools lets you examine a candidate completely before hiring or having a final interview by using features like live chat, video calls and screen sharing.

The bottom line:

Co-browsing has penetrated the hiring process and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s a technological response to the rapid changes in the hiring and recruiting communities. Undoubtedly, it is easy, quick, and cost-effective, which is beneficial as the global community has lent itself to an international talent pool.

It is not only convenient for the organization using it, but also for the candidates. During the screening process, in particular, recruiters and employers alike have the freedom to share the screen for convenience and to save time.

Co-browsing in the hiring process preserves the quality of a recruiter/employer brand effectively and conveniently. Use this technology to your advantage. Co-browsing in the recruiting process can make hiring quicker and less experience for your recruiting team!

About the author: Sam Makad is an experienced writer and marketing consultant at Tagove. His expertise lies on marketing and advertising. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI.

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