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How to Get More Clicks on LinkedIn and Twitter

Social sharing is an art – it needs to be done just right for something to go viral and for the hits to start rolling in.

This infographic from Venturebeat and Compendium explains what works for social sharing.


  • The social media message needs to be the ideal length – for B2B on LinkedIn ideal length is 16-25 words, and 11-25 on Twitter. For B2C on LinkedIn 21-25 words is ideal, with 1-5 on Twitter.
  • Social messages on LinkedIn and Twitter can receive between 25 and 52% fewer clicks if they include a ? – so don’t use one!
  • Using an exclamation mark can create roughly 25% more clicks on LinkedIn, but can create 8-15% fewer clicks on Twitter – be careful and use with caution!!!(!!)
  • B2B messages on Twitter that include a # can cause 193% more clicks – but can cause 82% fewer clicks in terms of B2C – on LinkedIn the difference is much less (B2B messages have 56% more clicks with a # – B2C messages have 20% less clicks if a # is included).
  • Using a number does not cause much change in terms of clicks – expect for B2B Twitter messages (where 50% more clicks can happen).
  • When to send a message is crucial – Twitter content is read over lunch (including a few hours before and after), Facebook is read around lunch time and late afternoon and LinkedIn content is read in the morning and around lunch. The days of the week and parts of the hour are also extremely crucial for getting the maximum amount of clicks.

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