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3 Chrome Plugins To Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing

Despite the advancement of technology with the invasion of AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, hiring is still pretty much a painful process for many. You start off confidently with a vacancy handed down from your hiring managers, thinking it would be a walk in the park.

A job ad goes here, a social post there and voila! The candidate starts tomorrow! No, that’s me dreaming. The reality is you get all the people you won’t want to hire from your job ad and you are only hearing crickets from your social post.

What about LinkedIn? You do have a Recruiter account, right? Guess what, so do the thousands of internal and agency recruiters you are vying attention with. They probably have more user accounts than you too. And that marks the start of the frustrating journey that keeps getting restarted every month or so because you are going around in circles.

3x Your Talent Sourcing

To win a race where everyone is driving the same car, you need to have some secrets under the hood. Here are 3 turbo boosts in the form of Chrome plugins that will help to improve your talent sourcing:

1. Hiretual

Hiretual is your recruiting assistant powered by Big Data and Cognitive Computing. It helps you easily piece together complicated and far more accurate Boolean search strings based on an input as little as a job title.

This provides a far more accurate long list of candidates to start the review process.
Want something even more targeted? Feed it with your entire job description and it would convert that into a Boolean search string that returns the candidates that you are looking for.

2. Dux-Soup

Acting as your virtual assistant, Dux-Soup does quite a few things to make your sourcing easier and quicker. It keeps track of every single profile you visit and allows you to make notes directly on the profile page which are saved. Profile date and notes can be export as a .CSV file to be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar. The .CSV file includes data such as the name of the person whose profile you visited, job title, company name, location, email and notes.

You can take and save notes on each profile such as: have sent invite / need to reply to a message / likes Opera etc etc. Dux-Soup can save you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all your leads you interact with on LinkedIn.

3. AutoPilot

Connecting with new profiles on LinkedIn usually yield no responses. And it shouldn’t surprise many because accepting connection on LinkedIN is really painful.
For users who seldom log in, you will be seeing like 100+ connection requests waiting for you. And LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to do an Accept All. So you either waste 30 mins of your time doing 100+ clicks or you don’t at all.

AutoPilot automates the visit of profiles in a sequential manner like a human would. This prevents any LinkedIn penalty. You may wonder what for. When you get a visit, you actually see a notification on your flag icon. Because it isn’t so cluttered like your connection request icons, people tend to go into it. Coupled with an interesting headline in your profile (e.g. Looking for amazing CFO candidate for Fortune 50 client), you are going to get a visit back.

So instead of you connecting with them, interested candidate can connect with you instead. This not only saves you time but also wasted efforts in speaking with candidates that just might not be so keen in the first place.


So stop thinking time is the only thing you have the upper hand in. There are many hacks out there to make your sourcing work easier and faster. Give them a try and start outracing your competition.

By Adrian Tan

Adrian is the Regional Leader of Client Solutioning for PeopleStrong, an open enterprise HRIS platform.

He has over 15 years of HR experience over recruitment, outplacement and HR consultancy.

A fervert writer, he writes about HR tech in Singapore at