Talent Acquisition

Reel ‘Em In: Quick Tips to Help You Catch Great Candidates

The cost of making a bad hire can be huge; it’ll eat into your finances, time and energy stores. For many companies, hiring and retaining talent is the source of a major ongoing headache. While recruitment isn’t an exact science, there are definitely a number of methods you can adopt as a business to give yourself the best chance at catching great candidates.

When the competition for top talent heats up, it’s important to reflect closely on your company’s hiring processes. Small oversights, whether it be during the advertising stage, application process or interviewing phase might end up losing you good candidates. To help you assess your talent attraction methods, Rolepoint has put together the below infographic to help keep you on track and reel in great new recruits. Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll never have to say, “plenty more fish in the sea!” ever again:

Write enticing job descriptions

A job description needs to entice candidates, not push them away. Job descriptions that are generic and full of dot-points listing idealistic candidate requirements will be overlooked quickly. A job description should bring a position to life and give candidates a good insight into what the role entails. A great job description should be specific enough to yield applicants from the right type of candidates, but not so niche that people feel alienated by the criteria.

  • Clearly state what the qualifications and educational requirements are (including which ones are must-haves vs. nice-to-haves)
  • Indicate package details (doesn’t have to be exact, but providing some initial expectations will help the applicant decide whether it matches their monetary needs)
  • Include the business’ mission statement / core values
  • Contextualise the role within the wider organisation
  • List what skills, experience and qualities the candidate needs to have
  • Make it clear what the next step is in the application – include an obvious call to action

Make your application process mobile-friendly

People are always on their phones… maybe you’re even reading this on yours now!

  • Simplify the application process online so it can be accessed and completed on a mobile device

Look inside your existing network

In many cases it’s fair to assume that good people know good people, so why not tap up your existing network of employees for recommendations?

  • Create a simple and rewarding process for employees to refer other people they know
  • Many job seekers say that employee referrals helped them find a great job, and there are also links between longevity in a role and being referred in by someone they knew
  • Utilise an Employee Advocacy programme – having your employees share work-related content on their social profiles will help you reach people in their network organically

Encourage internal talent mobility

If your business has the resources to do so, why not encourage and facilitate internal mobility? Keeping good people in the business serves to cut down on attrition costs and keeps your top talent engaged.

  • Make sure there are career development opportunities and programmes on offer for existing employees internally
  • Promote your company’s growth opportunities to attract top performers in the industry

Don’t hire the wrong candidates and stop shooting yourself in the foot by overlooking key steps in the recruiting process! What are your best tips for securing top talent to your business?


By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.