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13+ Candidate Sourcing Tips & Tools You Should Be Trying

Regardless of how established your candidate sourcing methods are, there’s no denying that recruiting technology is moving at lightning speed and the best recruiters are the ones who constantly work to stay ahead of the pack.

Instead of scouring page after page of reviews on tools and processes, why not read what our panel of expert recruiters have to say?

James Nathan


“The most excellent tool I now have and teach is not actually a piece of technology, but a skill using a technology – which is X-Ray searching of LinkedIn. We all know that LinkedIn is the database that everybody owns, but the ability to look into it deeper and better, with less restrictions is something quite magical. X-Raying allows you to search the entire LInkedIn database with out extra cost, and without limit on number of searches or number of results. Fantastic stuff.”

James Nathan is Founder of The James Nathan Experience


Caroline Stokes


“Now that Facebook is back in the recruiting game, so this new technology is being evaluated right now. It’s a LinkedIn beater, for sure. But… would I like someone approaching me on Facebook about a job? No. Only time will tell if Facebook will get it right this time. They usually do when they focus on a market segment hard enough.”

Caroline Stokes is Founder of FORWARD



Angela Bortolussi


“This year for me was about trying out new sourcing tools – but also getting back to basics. Yes, tools like Hiretual &, even Hubspot made frequent appearances during my sourcing activity – although products such as these supported with my increase in viewing candidate LinkedIn profiles – I checked out sites that many of us (recruiters) rarely think to use – &

Angela Bortolussi is Partner at Recruiting Social

Chad MacRae


“I’m loving the RelinkLabs’ job title research for recruiters tool. It gives you hiring data insights – when you put in a job title, it gives you the most important skills for that role type in an easy to read visualization. It will tell you the most likely previous position that they were in, so you can look for people who are ready for a promotion. And, it will tell you the likely educational background and the average length of time in a position, so you can know if you’re using your time wisely when sourcing.”

Chad MacRae is Founder of Recruiting Social



David Morel


“We have added extra functionality to our Tiger app, which allows candidates who have registered with Tiger to update their temp availability. The app communicates with our CRM system in real-time and increases the efficiency of our temp consultants allowing them to fill bookings quicker than ever before.”

David Morel is CEO & Founder of Tiger Recruitment


Lysha Holmes



“I am fortunate enough that my CRM system is bespoke so I can adapt the technology whenever I want to. I am a social media addict so I am more interested in what the latest app is that spending money on tools.”

Lysha Holmes is Founder of Qui Recruitment



Iain Hamilton


“I am now a certified partner of CandidateID and can provide CandidateID as SaaS or an outsourced talent generation platform. CandidateID allows companies to take a total addressable market view and then to understand every interaction a candidate takes with their brand. By having this intelligence you can see exactly, the content, and which stages of your process impact upon a hire positively and negatively. This intel allows you to pinpoint the people that are ready to hire and those that need more educating around your business. I was stoked when CandidateID asked me to be a certified partner.”

Iain Hamilton is Founder of People Traction



Bronwen Hann

bronwen-hann“For us, what’s old is new again. There are always new ATS and ways of aggregating social media during your searches, but what works long-term is the ability to build relationships. For us the phone is still the best tool to further that goal, so we’re refocusing on that venerable technology and trying to make it newly relevant in our business. It’s valuable to source through social media, but the best way to source is by having conversations with your network – finding out what’s driving their careers, who they know who is active on the market, etc. Recruiters who can harness this will always have an advantage.”

Bronwen Hann is President & Senior Partner at Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting



Billy Smith


“Hunter, a Chrome extension that we use with both LinkedIn and websites. Hunter allows us to find email addresses instantly for a domain whilst also finding email addresses for LinkedIn profiles allowing us to provide a more personalised approach when headhunting or sourcing new business instead of getting lost amongst InMails. Another tool we use is Sidekick, a piece of software allowing us to know when someone has opened an email.

Billy Smith is Managing Director at FGS Recruitment



Adam Glassman


“A robust CRM. We started adding talent networks a few years back, but very few offered a good way to connect and really get to know your members (candidates). Now, there are several good options out there that allow recruiters to connect to candidates, build relationships with them, learn their likes/dislikes over time, engage and nurture those candidates so that when the right req opens, you have the perfect candidate in mind already.”

Adam Glassman is Recruitment Strategies Manager at Alorica



Dualta Doherty




“We use Canva & Hootsuite for social media image creation and scheduling posts however we are always looking for relevant new innovative technologies.”

Dualta Doherty is Founder of Pro Recruitment Solutions

Gill Buchanan


We’re always reviewing how updates in technology can help us to continue providing a fast and easy application process. Most recently we’ve invested in updating our website, which will go live in the first quarter of 2017, and in ensuring all our online presences work for the latest smart phone technology. We are also using data analytics to ensure we are focussing our candidate attraction strategies in the right areas.

Gill Buchanan is Director at Pure Resourcing Solutions