Talent Acquisition

The Candidate Experience: What Your Dream Hires Want & Where to Find Them

Desired positions usually have fierce competition in the job sector. A recent Talent Board survey of 95,000 candidates found that nearly half of all positions in 2014 each had 200+ job applications. This is an increase of 40% since 2011.

It has become more important than ever to attract the right candidate for the right job. Here’s The Talent Board’s 2014 survey on what candidates want and where to locate them.


  • To the candidate, the job description is the most important element of a job vacancy.
  • Don’t overload job openings with too much information. Simplicity is better.
  • Less than 20% of candidates found FAQs useful. When was the last time you referred to an FAQ?!
  • It’s vital when saying no to candidates that you delicately and professionally inform those rejected, as 34% job candidates shared bad experiences on social media.
  • LinkedIn is popular for candidates searching for vacancies, along with Indeed, CareerBuilder and simply using search engines like Google.

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