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How Data Helps Recruiters Hire Better and Faster

When you’re pressed for time to fill multiple roles in a set period, with hiring managers all demanding their requirements for the “perfect candidate”, it’s easy to rush things, rather than looking at things from an analytical point of view.

However, by taking into consideration the data that is available to you, you could in fact speed up the hiring process and be more efficient at your job. Data can help you to quickly identify the largest and best talent pools to source from and make recommendations to your hiring manager about job criteria, based on a summary of the talent market available. Being able to make these informed suggestions will help to build trust and in turn, a better relationship with the hiring manager.

This infographic by LinkedIn explains further how data empowers recruiters to hire better.


  • 75% of recruiters currently do not use data, however they should probably start doing so for better results. Successful recruiters use data to build positive relationships with hiring managers and to create a better understanding of candidate talent pools.
  • Talent acquisition teams are twice as likely to improve their recruiting efforts and three times more likely to save money and work quicker if they use data to hire.
  • Data allows recruiters to strategically advise hiring managers, which could help the 82% of recruiters who have recently dealt with a hiring manger with unrealistic expectations.
  • 77% of recruiters are more efficient and effective when they understand the talent pool.

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Why Data Empowers Recruiters to Hire Better, Faster – Infographic from LinkedIn Talent Solutions