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Cameo: A New Way to Create a Social Video CV

If you haven’t heard about or seen the #VineResume by Dawn Siff in the last 8 months then you have been in a black hole. She produced the world’s first 6 second video CV using the popular Vine app. It went viral and was being reported on everywhere:

As much as this was a great concept, it was in fact a gimmick that was never really going to catch on. But the idea was solid and it got me thinking.

Video CVs:

Video CVs should be mainstream. They are a media format that everyone in the world is used to looking at. With modern technology they are as easy to watch on a train as they are in the lounge/office. As a hiring manager would your life not be simpler just putting in some headphones and watching a short video on someone’s profile, made by them, about them?

Video interviewing is becoming more popular by the day with services like Sonru & LaunchPad Recruits. So video works, right?

Then what services can we use to create, homemade, yet premium looking videos of ourselves and our professional capabilities? It needs to be as easy to use, edit & share as Vine.

Instagram offers a Video option. But that is not much better than Vine in terms of length. Can you really fit all your skills into 16 seconds?

So I started looking and stumbled across this gem:

Cameo is a video creation app that, unlike Vine and Instagram, has the following features:

  • You can make a video up to 2 minutes long. (That is more like it! Plenty of time to fit in all your skills)
  • A Cameo is made up from 6 second clips (Kind of like Vine but you can piece them all together). This keeps your video both looking well edited and keeps a pace.
  • With Cameo you can collaborate with people through the service. This means that you can invite people to leave a 6 second testimonial about you. 6 Seconds is actually an ideal amount of time to have someone talk nice about you.
  • You can add themes, title screens (Text) and best of all it all happens on the cloud so it won’t take up any space on your device.

Once the video is ready you can share to all the normal popular video sites.

I have done some looking around and haven’t seen any samples of a video CV as of yet. Are you going to be the first to try?


This may not be ideal for every market out there… But for creative types, this could be the one thing that differentiates you from all the other “infographical CVs” that are getting submitted to your kind of jobs.

By Ben Carter

Ben Carter AKA @recruitmentgeek is a 14 year veteran at supporting recruitment companies to evolve and optimise recruitment systems to gain a higher ROI and staff sourcing efficiency. Currently Ben is the Co-Founder at We Are Function in London. Follow him on Twitter: @recruitmentgeek