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Target Marketing: The Nicher, the Richer

I spend quite a bit of time talking with my clients about target marketing and finding your niche within that market, and do you know what? Everyone agrees with me that having a target market is so important – but many in theory only have one! It never ceases to surprise me how unclear some businesses are about their target market – and there also seems to be a great reluctance to be very specific, as there is a fear that, perhaps, you are not “widening the net” enough! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Recently, I came across a brilliant example of being clear about your target market, and the niche you will operate in and be known for.

Truthfully, this is one of the finest, real life examples I have seen in recent times and I have been dying to share this with you. You will love this, I promise you!

As many of you know (but for those who don’t) I live in the South of France (tough, but someone has to do it!). Specifically, we live in the Languedoc region – very rural, full of vineyards and small farmers and beautiful little villages. You get the picture – no metropolis like Paris etc!

Recently, Bernie’s (my wife) car was giving a bit of trouble so we needed to get it fixed – simple and straightforward, you might say. Well, yes – sort of! You see, her car is an Audi and we live in the land of Renault, Citroen and Peugeot! Plenty of mechanics and garages in the area that deal with those models. But an Audi? Bit thin on the ground!

A friend recommended I go and visit a particular mechanic, Kris, who I was told would “sort us out”. Now, get the picture, where Kris lives is in a tiny village, 20 kilometers away, of about 100 people, and really in the middle of nowhere.

So, why was he a recommendation? Well – now listen to this – Kris only repairs Audis and Mercedes – absolutely nothing else! He does not sell cars, he will only do mechanical repairs to Audis and Mercedes! This in the heartland of rural France who are commendably loyal to French brands. Brilliant!

So, the question you are asking – is he starving to death or is he thriving? Let me answer by saying that Kris is so busy, he could not look at the car for 4 weeks!

Now if you were starting a business as a mechanic in rural France and you said you would only deal with Audis and Mercedes, do you think that everyone would say – that is a brilliant idea? I doubt it. There would be so many saying that you are cutting yourself off from the traditional market and the mass market.

But, they would be wrong. Kris says that he wants to be known as the expert in his chosen market and he will only achieve that by being specific about his expertise. His target market is those who own cars and his niche is owners of Audi and Mercedes! So, in this part of the world he is the man to go to if you own either of those marques.

Kris is now the proud owner of a state of the art workshop and has more than enough clients to have a sustainable and thriving business.

I just thought this was such a brilliant example of target marketing and you needed to hear about it. Are you as specific about your target market, and your niche, as Kris? If not, what are you doing about it?!

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By John Murphy

John Murphy is founder of JohnMurphyInternational, a specialist online coaching business. John specializes in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and senior executives on how to build their business and be effective as a leader and manager.

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