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What is the Best Thing Recruiters Can Do on Social Media?

While there is no right or wrong way of using social media for recruiting (well, it depends on who you ask) there are certainly some really good things you can do if you get it right.

This week our expert panel share what they think are some of the best tips of using social media to ensuring you get the most out of your talent search.

Ariel Jolo

Listen and learn. That’s it.



Ariel Jolo,  Global Employer Brand Manager, at Medallia.


Adrian Cernat

There are some best practices who turn your social media efforts into top notch strategies – some of them would be: highlight the value proposition for employees, show how a day in your company looks like, promote your culture, be genuine, honest and transparent – respond to both positive and negative

Adrian Daniel Cernat, CEO & co-founder SmartDreamers

Sarang Brahme

Connect and engage with potential candidates to build relationships for the long term; even if they  potential candidates do not fit for a current role. People will always remember how you made them feel rather than ignoring them. Also, connect with your business teams, industry leaders and leverage their network to spread the word.

Sarang Brahme, Global Social Recruiting & Talent Brand Manager, Capgemini.

Carmen Collins

Learn to be a storyteller. Don’t just SAY your company is a great place to work, tell us why. Storytelling means there’s a human connection, a “hook” and a follow up.



Carmen Collins, Social Media & Talent Brand Lead, Cisco.

Cameron Brain

Focus on the relationship!  One of the key learnings we’ve had from working with our clients over the years is that it’s not about the content you share, it’s about the engagement you generate.  Yes you may be trying to recruit someone, but if you can progress your relationship with them because you shared some content about a mutual interest (e.g., a local sports team, family experience, etc.) that’s exactly what you should be doing.  The internet is full of robots, don’t fall into the trap of being one yourself. Be you (human)!

Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-Founder,

Mark Cavanagh

Any recruiter can post on social media – it’s free! The key to successful social media is relevance, consistency and engagement. Think about your audience, if you’re recruiting for c-suite executives they’re likely to be less engaged with a post or InMail about the office dog and more engaged with messages providing credible insight or relevant job opportunities. Being consistent, does not mean being dull, by using a range of mediums (video, images, audio or a competitive element) to deliver your content regardless of topic, recruiters are able to better spark the interest of the talent within their network, encourage engagement and ultimately convert a connection into a potentially placeable candidate.

Mark Cavanagh, Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Victoria Sorense

It is time to get into Video, visual presentations are far more powerful that posting a link to a job.



Victoria Sorenson , Senior Talent Advisor, Oracle.

Othamar Gama Filho

Consistency, be active, share relevant content, respond to candidates that talk to you when you are not hiring, so when you do have an open vacancy they will be more likely to respond and also to refer you to their friends

Othamar Gama Filho, CEO at Talentify.

Stephanie Scher

The best thing a recruiter can do well on social is to be present, have a well thought out profile and share a variety of relevant content to their audience, not just job postings. They should also make time daily, or regularly, to log in and respond to any engagement or DMs so their followers feel that it’s a viable communication channel.

Stephanie Scher, Talent Brand|Social Media, Vanguard.

Eva Baluchova

Social media can give your audience a feeling of personal interaction. Through these interactions, you can demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Give your audience what they want – knowledge, insights, entertainment, advice to enhance their skills or career. Comment, share, reshare, like and post! Workplace pictures, infographics, employee stories, testimonials. Use Facebook videos, Instagram stories. Use the right hashtags. Be regular and be consistent! Remember: the timing of your posts is important. Think about the time of the day when people are probably reading. Ask yourself, when do you tune into your social media? In the morning while eating breakfast, lunchtime, toilet time, after the kids are in bed, etc.?

Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead, Levelup Ventures.

By Ushma Mistry

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