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5 of the Best New Recruiting Apps

Mobile swiping apps aren’t just for finding love and dating. Recruiters are increasingly turning to the Apple Store and Google Play to find new talent. By instantly matching employees with employers, mobile job apps have become must-have tools for hiring.

Jobr say job seekers have swiped on their vacancies more than 100 million times and reached #2 in the Apple App Store Business section. With the recruiting software market reportedly worth $1.5 billion and 70% of applicants now using a mobile device to look for work, the future of recruitment apps is bright.

As a recruiter or HR professional, there is huge pressure to find, contact and secure candidates for clients. Downloading new recruitment apps can help organisations improve their candidate search and expand their reach too. Here, we have established our top five mobile job apps for sourcing candidates and making new connections.

1. Jobr

Jobr is as much for recruiters as it is for job seekers. Perfect for HR professionals that want to reach millions of job seekers, all they have to do is connect their LinkedIn account and create a profile page based on their requirements. Once that’s done, you scan through the app and swipe right for suitable candidates and left for those you don’t want.

Jobr has recently been acquired by Monster Worldwide and will be launching mobile apps in new markets in 2017. Jobr ensures Monster has an excellent brand proposition in the Apple Store. The app is critical for them to maintain their relevance and reach in an increasingly mobile-driven market.

2. Shapr

Shapr gives recruiters a new way to network with candidates. Connecting recruiters with like-minded individuals to develop fresh ideas, foster relationships, and ultimately secure employment. The app’s algorithms will plug into your LinkedIn account and provide HR professionals with a bespoke selection of nearby people to talk business with.

All you have to do is fill in your bio (age, name, employment status, interests, and location) and just like Tinder, you can swipe right to accept, or left to reject, a new business connection.

3. Switch

Switch is another Tinder-style app that allows users to search anonymously for jobs through an algorithmic matching service. Like Tinder, job seekers can swipe left or right on potential roles, and initiate a conversation when they match. The app’s code ensures that all users’ listed companies are automatically blocked from seeing their profile, so they can speak in confidence to recruiter without their company knowing they are job hunting.

4. Blonk

Blonk is another Silicon Valley app that helps recruiters reach the best talent whenever they are in the world. With their global location reach, candidates can swipe and view jobs from Buenos Aires to London. After a mutual like, users will get a match and can chat directly with employers. Blonk gives recruiters access to a selected pool of gifted and motivated professionals, and allows them to invest their time evaluating candidates – not sourcing them.

5. JobSnap

JobSnap are targeting Generation Z jobseekers and market themselves as the ‘Snapchat’ for Jobs. With the CV attachment soon to be a relic of the past, JobSnap was created to make the hiring process easier for the candidate and recruiter/employer.

The app has a Tinder-Snapchat hybrid swipe model. Job seekers and employers upload 30-second videos to sell themselves, which will replace the traditional photo and profile. “We’re 2.0 Tinder,” according to founder Jeff Boodie, who created the app to help young people who have lots of potential, but little experience on their resume.

The app targets high turnover industries such as retail, food/beverage and hospitality. In recent years, they have signed up brands such as Del Taco, Panera Bread, Taco Bell, Denny’s, and Applebees.

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.