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What is the Number One Benefit of Recruitment Marketing?

Now with most things in life, there’s no point in doing something if you’re not going to get any benefit from it. While there may be many benefits to recruitment marketing, our panel of esteemed experts have told us what they think is their number one.

Have a read of them and see if you agree or disagree or can think of one they haven’t.

Joe Shaker

It’s very simple – attracting right fit candidates.






Joe Shaker is the President of Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Maren Hogan

The short tail benefit is of course, getting qualified people into jobs they love. Long-tail is that consistently great marketing that’s aligned with the overall brand, reinforces that brand, making it stronger and more concrete. While employer brand should be fluid, it often isn’t, especially at the enterprise level. Recruitment marketing, due to its tactical nature, gives a little more room to interpret and experiment.

Maren Hogan is CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media.

Jared Nypen

Recruitment marketing keeps your employer brand top of mind for job candidates so that when they decide to seek employment, you are the go-to connection.


Jared Nypen is the Vice-President of talent at Great Clips inc.

Lisa Jones

Leads are key, but often the expectations of what recruitment marketing can do are too low and KPIs are mistakenly around followers, impressions, blogging… The benefits of recruitment marketing need to be SANE not VANE.


Lisa Jones is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones.


Mark Cavanagh

The ‘Talent Acquisition Toolbox’, whether your approach is passive or active, the challenge placed on all recruitment marketeers is to attract the latest and greatest skillsets to your organisation with speed and precision. As a recruiter with numerous skillsets to find, we aim to structure a different marketing proposition for each profession we are looking to recruit within.

In comparison to the tunnel vision of traditional industry practices, recruitment marketing gives us access to multiple channels which can be clearly defined and highly targeted based on the requirements of a specific job, an area of expertise or overall brand position.

Mark Cavanagh is the Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Charlotte Jones

With an effective recruitment marketing strategy, an organization should experience a perpetual talent pipeline for the future career opportunities. With a qualified pipeline of talent, the business will experience lower time to hire, improved quality of hire, and ultimately higher retention rates.

Charlotte Jones is theRecruitment Marketing Manager at Lockheed Martin.

Phil Strazzulla

Recruitment marketing gives HR teams a unique angle into talent pools they otherwise wouldn’t have tapped. Talent community members are people who wouldn’t have applied via the ATS. Smart targeting on Facebook gets you in front of candidates who aren’t surfing for jobs on Indeed. Lastly, a better career site means more quality candidates are converting into the ATS who otherwise would’ve gone on their merry way.


Phil Strazzulla is the Founder of NextWave Hire.

Shelby Burghardt

The number one benefit of recruitment marketing is brand awareness and educating potential candidates about what it’s like to work at an organization and its available job opportunities.




Shelby Burghardt is the Global Talent Brand Manager at Thomson Reuters.

Rebecca Drew

All the best companies are built on great people; but finding these people can often be time-consuming, challenging and sometimes expensive. Recruitment marketing can help reduce low impact recruiting methods, at the time as helping companies to source top quality hires and innovators that they’d struggle to find and attract using other approaches. It feeds candidates information that will gradually build trust and positive feelings towards your company in a natural way, which is why the number one benefit is attracting top talent to your company.

We know how important it is to effectively communicate a talent brand – research has revealed that 56% of candidates rank this as the deciding factor when applying for a job. For example, Eventbrite found that when they transformed their recruitment marketing strategy, they saw a 100% increase in applications and a near 100% retention rate, demonstrating the tangible power of a strong talent brand.

Rebecca Drew is a Manager at LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Bennett Sung

Simply, organizations investing in recruitment marketing establish long-standing relationships across the worker’s life cycle and earn top of mind awareness with prospects when they are thinking about a career change.

Bennett Sung is the Head of Marketing at Allyo.

By Ushma Mistry

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