5 Tips to Scare Away Sunday Sadness

Though Sunday is supposed to be a restful and relaxing day before the work week starts up again, the reality is that this usually isn’t the case. In reality, 80% of professionals actually spend their Sundays worried about the week ahead, or dreading going back to work. 

Given the name “Sunday Scaries,” this Sunday anxiety is reported most highly among Gen Z and millennial professionals, but it is found in all generations currently in the workforce. The Sunday Scaries mostly manifest as anxiety, but those suffering from this condition have also reported sadness and insomnia. 

It’s getting harder to find a good work/life balance, especially when we have workplace apps including Slack and email downloaded to our phones, giving us constant insight into our work. And with a large emphasis on “hustle culture,” it’s getting harder to relax outside of the office without worrying about work that still needs to be done. 

But in addition to working hard and smart, a healthy lifestyle is a must. Being more mindful of our everyday actions can help beget an overall healthier relationship with our work and minds. By taking steps to be more mindful throughout our work week and our weekend, we can reestablish Sunday as a day for relaxation, not fear.

A few tips for combating the Sunday Scaries are the following: 

  • Work On Completing Household Chores Throughout the Week: By checking smaller tasks off your to-do list throughout the week, you can lessen the amount of housework that needs to be done on Sunday and create more time for relaxing. 
  • Put Your Phone Down: Workplace apps like Slack and email create a constant plug into the office even when you’re supposed to be away from work. But in addition to that, social media can also foster negative feelings of loneliness or isolation. Putting your phone down for a few hours on Sunday can help with relaxation and happiness. 
  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol acts as a depressant, so even though some people use it to help them sleep, it doesn’t beget a good night’s rest. It’s important to avoid alcohol on Sunday nights so you can sleep well and wake up fully rested on Monday morning. 
  • Consider Journaling: Journaling has many benefits. A journal can act as a stress reliever, motivator, and creative outlet. Having a journal handy can help you find a positive place to channel negative thoughts or emotions, on Sunday and beyond. 
  • Exercise: You don’t have to do something high-intensity, but being active can help ease anxiety. You can join a yoga class, hit the gym or just take a brisk walk around your neighborhood to feel energized and motivated. 
  • Make a Friend at Work: It can be hard to make a friend at work, especially if you tend to feel anxious or find it hard to talk to people. But office friends are an important resource – they give you something to look forward to at work, and can act as an emotional support system or just someone to laugh with in the office.

There is no one size fits all solution to combating the Sunday Scaries. In the end, it’s up to you to determine what steps you should take to ease your anxiety and prepare for the week ahead in a healthy way. 

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