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The Bay Area’s Workforce in 2020

The Bay Area is a funny microcosm-It’s the home to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more importantly, 7 and a half million other people.

It’s the hub of tech in a world where everywhere seems to have more tech than they did yesterday. But the most popular occupations and industries of the San Francisco Bay Area extend far beyond tech.

Take a look below at the infographic by SmartRecruiters into the projections of industries within the Bay Area over the next 6 years, with some useful advice for both employers and candidates.


  • Employers- remember that a candidate without industry experience could still culturally fit within your company! Sometimes its about attitude, not aptitude.
  • Candidates- Build a strong personal brand to help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  • Hiring the best candidate is a two way street- Great candidates will have many options for recruitment- so employers, remember you’re technically a candidate for them too. Make sure you make an impression!

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By David Smooke

David Smooke is Partner at ArtMap Inc. (Inbound Marketing On Demand), Advisor to (Rich Media Recruitment Marketing), and Head of Marketing at Teamable (Enterprise Employee Referral Engine).