Job Interview 101: How to Avoid Mistakes

Job hunting can be hard. The endless emails, the countless rejections and the insane amounts of cover letters saved in your documents. It can be a long process, but there’s no better feeling than landing a job interview. Yes! Finally you can prove how perfect you are for the position at stake. Resume Writing Lab have created this interesting infographic, filled with only the best job interview tips and tricks.

But now you’ve bagged yourself an interview, you need to ensure you make the perfect first impression in the interview room.

Top 3 mistakes:

  1. Over-explaining the reasons why you lost your previous job: Whatever you do – make sure you don’t spend too long explaining why you lost your previous job. It’s easy to sound unprofessional and irrational – which you definitely don’t want! Be concise, honest and professional.
  2. Not asking any questions: An interview should be a two way conversation – make sure you show your interest by asking questions. Think of it as an interview for them too – why should you want to work there?
  3. Overselling yourself: No one likes a show-off.

Other non-verbal mistakes:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Knowing nothing about the company you’re applying for
  • Bad posture
  • Bad handshake

Biggest influencers in an interview:

What an applicant says is the number one influence that employers take into account during an interview. Confidence levels comes in at a close second – along with level of grammar and quality of voice. 55% of employers think that clothes, behaviour and the way the applicant enters the door has the biggest influence on their decision

Does it really matter what you wear?

  • 70% of hirers admit they don’t want applicants to be trendy or fashionable.
  • 65% of employers prove that clothes can become a decisive factor in a choice between two candidates.
  • So in other words, yes, clothes do matter.

3 top tips for a successful interview:

  1. Show up to the office 10 minutes early
  2. Be prepared
  3. Make sure you look smart.

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Best Job Interview Checklist Infographic
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By Ruby Lowe

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