Employer Branding

5 Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Creative Talent

A creative’s expectation from the workplace goes beyond money, status or stability. Creative types often choose a pathway led by curiosity, coolness, fun, passion, and an attraction for things less ordinary. So what does that mean for an employer on the search for the best creative talent? Here goes five practices you can adopt to draw in, nurture, and in turn keep the best creative talent.

1. Give your job post some personality

First impressions really do make a difference, and your job posting is the first impression you will make to attract your dream creative employee. Creatives want to work for a cool company with edge and personality, so treat your job posting as a vehicle to express this. By using a friendly tone of voice that isn’t too formal, matter-of-fact, or sales-y, your job post will already stand out from the other thousands of jobs advertised. The opening paragraph is an opportunity to catch and hold the interest of the prospective creative, and your tone of voice is the first point of persuasion by projecting a personality that creatives can connect with.
Essentially, don’t be boring!

2. Allow flexibility

Rules and work systems that serve no productive purposes will only stifle creativity with no real beneficial outcomes, this extends to approach to remote working, casual dress codes that allow self-expression, and break-time schedules. Work together to agree on goals for workplace productivity, this will in turn encourage employee engagement and trust that creatives will value. Trusting your creative talent to work independently to a great standard will strike a healthy and efficient work balance that improves productivity and motivation for all employees. Specifically for creatives a workplace that inspires autonomy will encourage innovation and creativity to grow throughout the company as you foster a team of self-motivated creative talent, who will be driven to explore new challenges.

3. Give creative freedom

Creative freedom is the lifeblood of feeling you are important in a company, it means your ideas are valued, and you’re not just a robot to someone else’s vision.

Creative freedom will allow your employee to stay inspired and stimulated at work by encouraging personal and professional development. So when setting a specific project, avoid making the parameters too rigid, listen, and be open. Following conventions that have been tried, tested, and practiced for years is no premise for comfort. Creative minds will think of how it can it be made better, and fostering this way of thinking can be the catalyst to your business’ future.

The best innovators have taught us that curiosity and exploration is the fuel to innovation. Allowing creative freedom is not only a means for employee retention, but could serve invaluable benefits to move your business forward.

4. Design a cool & inspiring environment

Creative minds rely on their surrounding environment to inspire and ignite creativity. A space that encourages movement, flexibility, and builds on community will attract creative thinkers. The design of an office is key in creating the right atmosphere. It’s all about a cool, open space with visually interesting elements, and fun quirks. The ping-pong table epitomises how fun spaces have taken over rigid, conventional business environments. Many companies are pushing the boundaries in creating a fun and happy work community using products like hammocks, bean bags, and sensory features like fake grass and ball-pits.

The workspace environment can have considerable effects on work productivity and morale, and if your creative talent is constantly inspired by their surrounding then they are more likely to stay.

5. Build an awesome team through fun perks

The word ‘free’ arouses a certain kind of excitement within all of us, so it’s no surprise that job seekers are increasingly transferring an importance on to work benefits.

Offering perks is by no means exclusive to creatives, but naturally different people are attracted to different things. Particularly for creative talent, fun perks are a considerable motivation. Benefits that contribute to a fun and social environment will create a work culture that is geared towards teamship – blurring the lines between work and play. Social events such as drinks, team lunches, and sport activities, can improve bonds between co-workers. Likewise celebrating an employee’s birthday can make them feel valued and a part of an office family.

Relationships and conversations are the wellsprings of thought and life, and if the waters can be found at work then a different sort of life starts at work, creating engagement and loyalty.


These office practices build a work culture that will not only attract and retain the best creative talent, but extend into nurturing better creators, makers and thinkers, giving your company a competitive edge.