The 10 Most Annoying Things About Job Hunting

There are few people who actually enjoy the job search process. It can be frustrating, time consuming and discouraging, not to mention competitive!  Unfortunately things don’t always go the way you might hope and the best part of us have probably encountered the same grievances along the way, so you’re not alone in your frustrations.

So what are the things that people find the most annoying about the job hunt? Here are a handful of people’s biggest pet peeves about seeking out a new job.

1) Having a ‘job hunt crisis’

You’ve heard of a mid-life crisis. Well this is similar, only it’s brought on by job hunting for a prolonged period of time. Hours and hours of your time have been spent scouring through job listings and perfecting cover letters…and still nothing. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? WILL ANYONE EVER HIRE ME? WHY DOES NOBODY LOVE ME?!


2) Nailing an interview, but not getting the job

Your answers were absolutely spot on, you built a brilliant rapport with your interviewer and you left feeling a million dollars. Your interview couldn’t possibly have gone better if you tried. Then the dreaded rejection email arrives…


3) Job applications that take about a year and a day to complete

Lots of companies have introduced online applications, which make it easier for them to filter through candidates. That’s all good and well…but do they really need to be 50 pages long?! More often than not it’s these companies that you’ll never hear back from, so that’s an hour of your life you’re not getting back…


4) Awkward networking experiences

We’ve all heard it before, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. So you drag yourself out to industry events in hope that you’ll meet someone who can answer all your job hunting woes. What could possibly go wrong? Everything apparently.


5) When your application must have got lost in the post

It’s understandable that some vacancies can attract hundreds or applicants and it just wouldn’t be possible for the company to respond to every single person; but being ignored still grinds your gears.



6) When you’ve actually been for your interview, but don’t hear back

Ok, so you’ve heard back from them the first time, you’ve attended the interview, they tell you they’ll get back to you….and then nothing. IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO SEND AN EMAIL?


7) Needing experience to get experience

You got rejected from 3 internships on the basis that you didn’t have the required experience…isn’t that the whole point of an internship?


8) Tailoring your resume

You know it’s important to adapt your resume for particular roles, but when you’re rewriting it for the 75th time, it becomes a bit tiring.


9) Searching for a new job when you’re already in a job

There’s only so many ‘dentist appointments’ that you can get attend before your boss gets suspicious.


10) People asking how your job search is going

“Well I’m on the verge of giving up and joining an Amazonian tribe, but yeah good thanks.”


[Main Image Credit: Shutterstock]

By Sophie Deering