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Employer Branding Flight School with American Airlines

After the acquisition of US Airways, American Airlines has been making major changes with the vision of restoring American as the greatest airline in the world. How are they doing that? With their people.

Carrie Corbin’s role is to build talent acquisition programs and strategies. Her team’s focus is to support the enterprise talent attraction efforts via recruitment marketing, media, digital and social strategy, as well as building American Airlines’ sourcing and diversity recruiting programs, all while caring for the candidate, new hire, and employee experience and telling the employer brand story.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • About the importance of employee experience
  • Why Carrie joined American Airlines
  • How Carrie is building an employer brand strategy from the ground up
  • That successful employee experience = great employer brand
  • That the customer experience will never be greater than the employee experience
  • Carrie’s take on recruitment marketing vs. employer brand
  • Some of the hard lessons she learned about employer branding
  • Carrie’s employer brand tech stack.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.