The 7 Dwarfs & Giants of Video CVs

Even though we’re living in the future, the most common CV is still the old school A4 with matching Arial layout. Pretty standard, and it does the job, we get it. However, why would you be satisfied with a simple piece of paper, when you can turn your CV into a BOMB video?! Nope, I’ve got nothing, do you? We’ll give you some inspiration; here are seven supercalifragilisticexpialidocious video CV examples!

1. The ‘Best Video CV Ever’

First thing: this could either be really good or really bad. Well, this isn’t the first one in our list for no reason: if you only have time to see one video CV, let it be this one. Press play:

Mark is taking the ultimate piss out of himself – but like a Hollywood trailer. He tells us about his education, work experience and hobbies in a fun and fresh kind of way. If you’re going to be extra, try to keep this one in mind. With over 300.000 views & counting on YouTube, Mark used this viral video to get him his dream job! Hallelujah to that!

2. The Google Desperation CV

Yes, this title screams a desperate candidate. However, nothing is what it seems! This fellow is nothing but desperate, he knows what he wants & is going for a job in the Google marketing team in full speed. Let’s not forget to mention the incredible moustache on his face! With over 1.5 million hits, this video CV is on top of the list. So well done, Matthew, well done.

3. The Practice Interview CV

Alex is really putting up an acting sketch in this video CV. She’s interviewing herself for an interview – whoa confusing – we know! But so much fun to watch! Check out Alex, who got tired of paper CVs and pressed the record button to stand out more. Oh and totally forgot to eat whilst editing it, hmm, we’ve heard that one before…

4. The Desperate Adam CV

Meet Adam: he’s unemployed. The horror, as all potential candidates will say. Although this video can be a bit cringey sometimes, we were way too curious to see how it ended. Take a look at it yourself and trust us, it will get better throughout the video!

5. The Dropbox CV

Nothing worse than trying to explain something that no one understands. This happened to Todd Cavanaugh. He tried to explain the concept of Dropbox to his grandparents in this, we have to admit, very relatable video CV:

6. The Clickbait CV

At first this seems too good to be true, and to be honest, it was. This is supposed to be a candidate’s video CV, but at the end it turns out to be about a call centre company. We kept the video in the list, because we have to say it did hit the nail on the head!

7. The Barney Stinson CV

You’d think that the only ones making video CVs are candidates? Well, think again. If you’re a fan of the series “ How I Met Your Mother” you’re going to absolutely love this. Here’s Barney Stinson’s hilarious video CV:

So here we are; 7 examples that might inspire you in any possible way! Getting creative is what we’re all about. So, what are you going to do for your video CV? Heading towards the fun stuff or is this too much for you? If you really want to take it to the next level, you could put up a website & link it to your video. Feel like video is already overrated? You’re wrong!