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4 Perks that Attract Generation Z Talent

Generation Z is most commonly used as the term to describe post-millennials; born in 1995 or after (up to the age of 23!). They are now entering the workforce in droves. It is therefore important that employers find out what their working desires are.

As the younger workforce is more inclined to swap and change job roles throughout their career, which perks should you consider when it comes to attracting millennials and retaining them within the company? Here are four options to consider:

1.  Flexible working hours

“Generation Z will not be constrained by traditional work institutions, policies, and norms” – Vanessa Marie Perry, Health Resource Solutions, LLC

Gone are the days of having to be stuck to a desk from 9 until 5. An increasing number of companies are offering flexible working hours with added bonuses, such as earlier finishes on Fridays or being allowed to work from home one day per week.

HR Executive found that:

  • Gen Z are more willing to travel or relocate for a job
  • They like remote working, whether that means working from home, co-working space or a coffee shop.
  • However, they don’t want to work remotely full-time as they value relationships at work and on-the-job training and collaboration.

3. Training

Research by Inspiring Interns found that in a survey of 1,500 graduates, the majority of respondents (33%) cited the opportunity to progress as the most important factor in a new job. Similarly, recruitment firm Robert Walters found that Millennials want more than just a job, with 68% reporting that growth and training was the most important factor and motivator in staying at a job.

Giving employees the opportunity to take on training within their role will allow them to learn new skills and boost their confidence within the workplace, as well as being able to improve their CV with a host of new skills.

Investing in your employees will make them feel a valued member of the company. If you notice a certain skill in an employee that you believe could be developed, acknowledge their strength and suggest they take part in a training course which will be funded entirely by the company.

Robert Half found that Generation Z wants an individualized career path and performance-based advancement opportunities. In fact, 64% stated that career opportunities are important in selecting a job.

3. Travel Opportunities

According to a study by Harris Group, 72% of millennials would be more attracted to a job if there were travel perks involved. Your business may have branches abroad where the employee can take on a temporary transfer to work in a new destination, or you may employees who have spent several years at the firm the chance to enjoy an all-expenses-paid-for mini break.

If there is a great deal of traveling involved in the job role itself, include this aspect clearly within the job description. While it may appeal to some, it may not be a suitable opportunity for others. However, giving employees once-in-a-lifetime opportunities will not only attract a great deal of interest but should also keep employees intrigued about what could be offered to the next.

4. Commuting allowance

Commuting to work can be costly, therefore providing an employee with travel expenses would be a huge perk to younger employees who are keen on saving cash.

This could be reimbursements for travel cards, a bus pass or a petrol allowance.  If you want to be green-fingered, an increasing number of companies are offering Cycle to Work schemes, where you can get a bike plus equipment which is heavily discounted.

Offering bonuses such as travel allowances will demonstrate straight away that you are willing to look after your staff.

About the author: Laura Bill writes for Inspiring Interns, which specializes in finding candidates for their perfect internship. To browse our graduate jobs, visit our website.

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