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2015 Graduates: Where Will They Work?

Graduation is upon many, as this years final year students sit their final exams and prepare to enter the real world.

So, where will this years’ graduates work and what kind of areas of study are in demand from big companies? When will they start their new jobs and how are companies finding fresh talent from the graduate pool?

LaSalle network have provided some statistics and facts to help us understand the future of a 2015 graduate:


  • 71% of organisations plans to hire graduates this year.
  • 20% of companies have already hired graduates to start work as soon as they graduate.


  • Business majors are most in demand¬†with 38%.
  • Maths and Statistics are also highest in demand with 38%.
  • Computer and Information Sciences are 27% in demand.


  • Higher starting salaries than last year – 33%.
  • About the same salary – 57%.
  • Lower than last year – 10%.

Finding talent:

  • Employee referrals – 33%.
  • Collaborating with colleagues and universities – 68%!
  • Social networking sites – 23%.
  • LinkedIn – 91%!

Find out more below.

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By Casey Fleischmann