Top 15 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011

In case you missed any of thse most popular posts on Undercover Recruiter, here they are for your reading enjoyment. Just like last year, the most popular topics are by far social networking, personal branding and interviewing. Our readers also like infographics which you will see featured in the list a few times.

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Here goes the top 15 list of 2011:

1. Social Media in Recruitment – How Far is Too Far?

Where do you draw the line between candidate research and infringing on someone’s privacy?

2. INFOGRAPHIC: How Employers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

It’s no secret employers and recruiters check up on applicants online, see more right here.

3. Top 10 Android Apps for Personal Branding and Job Searching

As the use of Droid phones is one the rise, so are apps for managing your career and brand.

4. How To Back Up Your LinkedIn Connections

A quick practical tip to ensure you keep a backup of your LinkedIn network.

5. Why Should You Care About Personal Branding?

A question that gets bandied around a lot, see what this article has to say about it.

6. Five Reasons Your CV Doesn’t Get You Noticed

Ever wondered why you don’t get an interview request? Could have something to do with your CV or resume.

7. And the Interview Was Going So Well Until…

Ever heard of the ‘post interview walk’? It’s where an interview can make or break!

8. INFOGRAPHIC: Before LinkedIn, How Did Our Ancestors Find Jobs?

Yes it’s the question you’ve been pondering on and this graphic will tell you exactly how they did it.

9. How To Act When Headhunters Call You

Are you terrified of headhunter calls? Don’t be! Here are some useful tips for anyone speaking to headhunters.

10. INFOGRAPHIC: How Londoners Use Social Media to Find Jobs

Interesting stats about the behavior of Londoners and jobs searching on social media.

11. Why Do Recruitment Consultants Ask Such Crazy Questions?

A recruiter writes about why her questions might sound silly at times, be assured there is method to the madness.

12. Do You Know How To Sell Yourself In a Job Interview?

People tend to sell everything but themselves in interviews, here’s how to focus on you.

13. How a Videogame Designer’s Blunder Led Him to Conquer the World

An un-orthodox job search for an un-orthodox job in Silicon Valley!

14. Four LinkedIn Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Career

Make sure you’re not making any of these four mistakes.

15. Ten Secrets to Managing Your Expat Career

Know any expats? Here are the best ways for them to stay successful abroad.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.