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12 Things Last Year Taught Me

Now that 2014 almost over I thought I would share with you some thoughts that I bring into the new year.

These are my own personal experiences, and I hope by sharing them with you they help you get prepared for the year ahead. I would love to hear any reflections you might have – please leave them in the comments below.

My 12 reflections are (and not in any order!):

1) Procrastination is not a joke:

It really can kill progress against my goals. There seems to be a light heartedness about procrastination as if it does not matter. Well, it does! It steals your energy, destroys your focus and everything gets moved to “next week”! It is a killer!

2) Have big dreams and don’t let go!

No matter what anyone says! Big dreams energize and keep you alive. We started our lives as dreamers but were “trained” to dismiss them – a daydreamer was not a role model! Ridiculous – great achievements are enjoyed by big dreamers. They stood out from the masses.

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3) When I push myself to where it is uncomfortable:

…that’s where I start growing. Everything worth learning is tough and uncomfortable at first – if it wasn’t, it would not be worth it!

Growth only comes when we depart from what we know – our comfort zone – to a place where we start to learn. Now, that is uncomfortable – but it is worth everything!

4) Make more time to get inspired:

No-one will do it for me! Am I waiting for inspiration to hit me in the head, or will I go out and search for it? Waiting for inspiration is like waiting to see if you are going to have success. Make the time to read, to listen and to observe those things and those people that will inspire you to greatness. They do not need me, but I need them!

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5) Most TV is a complete waste of time:

By: ♫CoolMcFlash♫

I got into a bad habit of channel surfing – what a complete waste of time! This year I will select what I want to watch and then switch off. It is chewing gum for the mind – and does nothing for it, except for indigestion!

6) Getting out into nature really does enrich my soul and my body:

I know this when I do it and then I forget about it – how stupid is that! Connecting with nature is getting back in touch with the energy that I am made of. This will now be n integral part of my week!

7) When my major focus is to deliver brilliant service to my clients, they will find more clients for me:

This was my experience in 2014 and made me realize that the focus is simply to serve my clients to the best of my ability and the new ones will just follow – without any effort!

8) Spend more time with my family:

They want you to, and probably need you to do so as well. I don’t want to have regrets.

9) There is no wrong way to meditate:

By: Sandra Mars

Learned that in 2014. I was always anguishing over – am I doing it right? Should I do it differently? Maybe I will take a course? Why can’t I do it like it should?

Guess what? Just by sitting there and focusing on my breathing – and not getting irritated when my mind drifts – is just fine!

10) Reviewing my top 6 goals every day works:

It sounds so simple, but it works. It keeps what is important at the top of my mind – every day! Cannot do better than that!

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11) Focusing on delivering a small number of things at a time is more efficient:

Take it in 90 day chunks – have 3 priorities at a time and get those done first. Got a lot more important stuff done that way last year.

12) Don’t wait till it’s perfect:

This is a form of procrastination – I know as I used it! When I was saying “It’s not perfect yet”, what I was really saying was “I haven’t done the work”. Be like Toyota – get it out there, and improve it as you go if you must. You will get results quicker!

Any resonate with you? Love to hear what your list would include.

By John Murphy

John Murphy is founder of JohnMurphyInternational, a specialist online coaching business. John specializes in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and senior executives on how to build their business and be effective as a leader and manager.

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